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VA creates website for Fort McClellan veterans

Feb 4, 2016   //   by admin1   //   News  //  26 Comments

Posted: Friday, April 17, 2015 4:39 pm

By Patrick McCreless, Star Staff Writer,pmccreless@annistonstar.com

federal agency last week launched a Web page  in response to years of activism by some veterans who believe that toxic exposure at Fort McClellan made them ill.

The Department of Veterans Affairs posted the page April 7, providing a comprehensive list of information, but carefully noting that it’s unlikely anyone could have developed serious health problems from serving at the former fort. McClellan veterans advocates say the site is a victory for their cause to be recognized as a toxic exposure group and another step toward receiving disability compensation.

The toxic substances listed on the site include two radioactive compounds used in decontamination training activities in isolated locations on the former fort, which closed in 1999. Also listed are mustard gas and nerve agents used in decontamination testing activities in certain parts of McClellan. The site also mentions possible exposure to airborne polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, from Monsanto’s former plant in Anniston.

The website notes that, “although exposures to high levels of these compounds have been shown to cause a variety of adverse health effects in humans and laboratory animals, there is no evidence of exposures of this magnitude having occurred at Fort McClellan.”

Still, the VA decided it was necessary to create the website, said Randy Noller, spokesman for the department.

“Subject matter experts from the Office of Public Health have been communicating with veterans concerned about their exposures at Fort McClellan,” Noller said. “Based on those discussions, the OPH created a specific web page to provide information specific to these exposures.”

Noller added that the VA will continue to respond to veterans’ concerns and post additional information on the issue as it becomes available.

….In a Thursday email from the office of U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko, D-New York, who has introduced legislation several times in recent years to establish a federal health registry for McClellan veterans, the congressman wrote that the website was a good first step.

“But more needs to be done to swiftly ensure Fort McClellan vets and their families get answers to the questions that they have been asking for years as well as the medical treatment our country owes them,” Tonko wrote.

Tonko wrote that he planned to reintroduce his McClellan health registry legislation in the 114th Congress.

To see the VA website, visit www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/fort-mcclellan.

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  • I became sick in 2013 the doctor’s diagnosis me with sarcoidosis, chronic respiratory issues and weaken Immune system. I was stationed at Fort McClellan for 1996 t0 1999.

  • My husband was chemical basic and AIT there 1998. He is currently in the Minneapolis VA, his memory is shot, diabetes type 2 is not responding to anything right now, tremors, pain in his feet and hands. I am trying to get his claim put in and he told to track down info about the stuff he was exposed to during basic and AIT. He mentioned the use of an M14 decontamination apparatus. If any one can give me some info for him, I would greatly appreciate it. He is starting to get in really bad shape and tried to overdose on his insulin because of it.

  • I was station there a t Ft Mac in 1992 I now have Diabetes high blood pressure and servers neuropathy in my hands and feet it has affected me and it’s very depressing.

  • I was stationed at Ft Mac from Aug 1984-Dec 1984 for Basic and AIT MP School (95B). I have had joint pain issues, DDD (back issues) two knee replacements, depression, all over pain , Gall Bladder Surgery and most recently, Prostate Cancer (surgery) . I have had so many Docs tell me, I was way to young to have Gall Bladder issues (30yoa) for my SX, 43yoa for my knee replacements. I’m so Thankful I have found this website to connect with my fellow Veterans and their families!

  • I went to school there. I now have Stage 4 prostate cancer.

  • March 1989 to July 1989. Basic and MP school. Type II diabetic, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, heart disease and seems to be arthritis starting in one finger. Still think it’s all weight/age related. Nothing as serious as I have read about in other posts.

  • All of you that are posting, thank you. I was at McClellan in 1981. I am composing a list of all those that served at anytime there. I would appreciate anyone that would care to, send me name and year that you was at McClellan to my email (jcampbell6205@gmail.com). I am presently researching the matter further to see what I can find out and what can be done about the stone wall we are getting concerning the post. I much appreciate any help with my research. I am trying to show a definite link and not mere coincidence in cases involving veterans that were at Fort McClellan.

  • I went to MP school 1982, During basic I was Hospitalized for URI. I know have the tumors
    loss of memory and health issues.

  • I was at Ft. Mac in 1980. I was 17. I just recently contacted th VA to apply for some sort of disability because of my medical issues. I just came across this information while searching the Internet. I have many medical issues that I won’t list here. Now it all makes sense. Is there a registry we can sign? Has the VA provided anything for the Vets that are suffering from Ft Mac medical issues? Any Attorneys?

  • We are family, all having tbe same diseases. And the common denominator is ft mac. A doctor hired by va to do a study and interview approx 200 women who were stationed at mac and see if they all were suffering the same diseases. He found that they were and wrote it. That ft mac chemicals was the cause. He turned in tbe report. Then nothing. I met him in St Thomas where he was the va clinic doc. In August 2015. If you know of him. Or his name. This maybe important . Or how to find report.Thanks Vicki

  • suffering from incurable metastatic liver cancer..turned down for 100% as ft mac was not recognized as hazardous area…both senators are working on claim….served at ft mac in 1974…basic training..working with Pat Livingston also……

  • I did basic there.
    Woke up paralyzed in my barracks. 1982
    I have many auto immune diseases
    I went awol because I knew they were killing me.
    Luck gave me honorable discharge after 6 months.

    Nancy Clark
    Age 65

  • I was there in 1980, one of the co-ed basics that went through there. After I left there and went to my next duty station for AIT at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio Tx I became sick with respiratory illnesses before my initial field medic course was complete and was hospitalized and very near well died from bronchitis turned to pneumonia at 18 yrs old had to be recycled and finish with the next group to come through and then went to the first stage of my 91-D primary mos there also for Surgical Tech and finished in top 5 requested Ft Polk because it was near my home and did my hands on training there. I was reserve but the whole time was on active duty did not do split training or anything and I went to two weekend reserves meeting and went active duty and was sent to Oahu Hi and stationed at Tripler Army Ned Center went through Ft Leonard Wood on the way over. I’m extremely sick I am on SSI disability can’t even find anyone to help me . I have peripheral neuropathy,spinal stenosis , have had 5 procedures in my spine this month and have another Thursday I have sores that have started to come up on my arms they started as circles of blisters on my hands now they’ve gone from my arms legs and stomach and face and have had pneumonia so many times I can’t count I have copd diabetes type 2 just diagnosed blurred vision lungs have had pulmonary edema in both lungs and a heart attack when they went through afib high bp, cholesterol ,, tremors , fibromyalgia , Spurs on every vertebrae and my foot and am in pain 24/7 w my back my gall bladder is giving me issues I have chronic diarrhea, nausea , I have so many of the things going on that every one else is experiencing and I have a daughter and I’m a single parent and I need help . I still live in sweat Monroe and just heard about all of this a few years ago my health just overnight went bad I had a hysterectomy at 39 my children were both low birth weight and I have kidney problems and I sweat profusely , have three masses in my breast one in left two in right I’m not sure what they are till I can get it checked here soon . Oldest dDaughter born in 83 has polycystic ovary syndrome and lost a baby it just died in her failure to thrive , she has horrible periods as does my youngest both are hyper I’m having some bad issues I’m in west monroe la and I need help from someone

  • Was at Ft Mac 84-85. Now having Nero muscular issues. No diagnosis yet. Wonder if its connected

  • Addendum to my last comment. Both my wives suffered miscarriages.

  • I went to Ft Mac for Military Police Officer Basic in ’87. I have health issues such as thyroid, gout, celiac and vitiligo. I just recently became aware of the Ft Mac issue from the American Legion magazine. It is their main story on the front cover. My memory is not that great, but it is one of the issues between Jan. 2018 – March 2018. I think they are monthly issues.

  • I went through basic training in 1985 at Fort McClellan. Later, I was married, and when we tried to have children, I had three separate first-trimester miscarriages. No other female in my family or extended family has ever had a miscarriage. It makes me wonder…
    Does anyone else know of other Ft. Mac female vets who’ve had miscarriages?

    • I went through 10 years of infertility treatment and three miscarriages. I was at Ft. Mac in 1973 for basic training.

    • I am collecting the names, info and states of any vet that served at ft. Mac. If you would like to be a part of this write me at thabull_46@yahoo.com that is an underscore not a dash 🙂 …hope to hear from you.

  • I went thru 95B MP School in 77, the last of the non OSUT MPs. Took basic at FLW, anyways I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetis have DDD aka degenerative disc disease L1-5 and S1. Have already had a tumor removed along with a parathyroid gland. Some days like yesterday I feel so sick but don’t know why. Flu like symptoms, every morning it’s a crap shoot how I’m going to feel. Have neuropathy in both feet and now I feel it starting in my hands. I went to VA Minneapolis they had no clue about McClellan or what I was talking about. More interested in suicide than anything else.

    • Hi Bill,
      There are a number of action groups on Facebook for Fort McClellan legislation. Minneapolis is aware of the issue. The VA website includes Fort McClellan as a military contamination exposure site. Find the Environmental Medicine coordinator. Every VA hospital has one.


  • I was stationed at Ft McCellean in 1977 for Military police school and again in 1980 when I attended the CID special agent course for a total of about 8 months. In December 2000, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma which I thought was a result of tours in Vietnam. Now I wonder.

    • I also was stationed at Ft McClellan 1978 for basic and military police training. I was diagnosed in March 1994 for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and I had NO tours in Vietnam.

  • Still fighting for benefits

    • me too
      Sorry to hear that you are suffering as well

      • I was there in 1982. When were you there, if I may ask. I am trying to compose a list to show just how many veterans that served at Ft. McClellan and just how many are now suffering some type of health issues (to me the type of issue does not matter, it is the fact they are). I am trying to get as general as possible. I posted my email in an earlier post if you want to general submit your name and year you were there. Could look at a major action to force the issue as I pick up through training as a legal assistant.

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