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2013 – Learned about the struggles of Fort McClellan veterans, started Poisonedveterans.org to help spread the word

June 2013 Youtube interview with Dan Bidondi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azrT6mtbkIU

August 2013 Started Veterans News Radio on WBOB, Veterans News Radio is available on Youtube


– Email to president Obama Re: Immigration and the treatment of veterans exposed to toxins

– Learned that Alabama Representative Mike Rogers was key to blocking HR 411, the Fort McCellan Healthcare Act from moving out of committee

– Met Jesse Smith who was running against incumbent Mike Rogers in Alabama who heard the VNR show about Rep. Mike Rogers


Sal Caiozzo and RI State Representative Mike Chippendale on the day Res. H 6225 was passed in Rhode Island

– Petitioned for a Resolution to support Fort McCellan HR 411 in the Rhode Island State Legislature. Resolution passed the legislature and is known as Res. H 6225.


Fort McClellan Chemical Corps Training Areas

September 2014 — Visited Fort McClellan, spoke with McClellan Development, Matrix, and the Fort McClellan Transition Force; researched and copied documents from the Jacksonville State University Library at Fort McClellan (in the old Chemical Corps building turned MP School turned JSU Library), researched former Gov. Browder documents stored at the Anniston Library in town.

November 2014 Thyroidectomy surgery (day after Thanksgiving)


Jan 17, 2015 Visit to Washington DC with Jesse Smith to meet Congressman Jolly (R-FL)

fmc vets march

Jan 18 2015 March in Washington DC from the Veteran’s Affairs headquarters to the White House to raise awareness about Fort McClellan veteran’s health issues

March 2015 Referral to WRIISC Clinic

April 2015 – Diagnosis of Polycythemia Vera,

–Trip to Washington DC to discuss the VA web page for Fort McClellan that would be published within a month.

July 2015 – Met with administrator at RI VA Hospital about letter to the Obama Administration and was questioned about my concerns with Fort McClellan

August 31 – WRIISC – Diagnosed small fiber neuropathy

December 2015 – Veterans News Radio moves to a new station with nationwide broadcasting

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1 Comment

  • I have watched several videos of what has happened at Ft. McCellan, and now I know why my health is so bad. Basic / AIT 78”-79”
    Permanent duty station 90-92 at McClellan.
    Several years ago I was diagnosed with
    Polycythemia Vera a blood disease which is cancerous. The VA never found the disease in my yearly examination’s. After my liver started to shutdown a civilian doctor told me they had found the disease. Thank God antibiotics kept me alive. I pray there is help for those suffering.
    Thank You.

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