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Fort McClellan – ‘the most toxic place on the planet’

May 26, 2013   //   by admin1   //   News  //  246 Comments

If you served at Fort McClellan – ‘the most toxic place on the planet’ – and are ill, give this info to your Dr and file a VA claim, say veterans’ advocates.

Here’s why. I am in the process of preparing a Veterans Administration claim stemming from my service at the former chemical/biological warfare training site fondly known as Fort Mac. I want to talk to others who served there. If you don’t know about the toxic secrets that might be lurking inside you, I’d like to give you a heads up. If you do know about them, I want to hear your story.

If you are a Ft. McClellan vet who is a newbie to this issue, I have good news and bad news.

So even if you find yourself encountering human-guised hyenas who burst into laughter while you are popping the nitroglycerin or are holed up in the e.r. yet again, the VA understands that you cannot fake a heart attack or other recognized conditions (such as, winding up with a four inch rod bolted to your neck).

The bad news: We were exposed. Big time. The CBS program 60 Minutes once called Fort Mac the most toxic place on the planet. It reportedly is the only chem/bio facility in the Army where live substances were manufactured, stored, and used in training. The McClellan Cocktail includes depleted Uranium, sarin gas, mustard gas, and various other bacterial, nerve and chemical agents. And let’s not forget that old standby, Agent Orange.

This past weekend I talked to an old Army buddy who told me about her freakish list of health problems. Many of them mirrored mine precisely; but I was the first to tell her about toxic exposure at Ft. McClellan. I hope she joins me in filing a claim. It is a drawn-out process. You have to produce more than just the standard DD-214. I am in the process of filing my own claim. I already have sent my notification, as required, to the Veterans Administration. My Veterans Service Organization will pick up from there.

source: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/07/06/heads-up-for-those-who-served-at-fort-mcclellan/

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  • I was at fort McClellan in 1977 I’ve been breathing problems and prostate problems and him scared because I know I was exposed I haven’t been diagnosed with anything serious what do vame taking prostate pills I had trouble breathing back problems walking problems and arthritis who do I contact to get help what do I tell the VA to get at least 10%

  • I too was at Ft. Mac.
    Degenerative disc disease.
    Massive endocrine issues.
    Adult onset allergies.
    Reproductive issues.
    Skin issues. Bilateral…eruptions not like agent orange but on limbs and trunk and the bottoms of feet and backs of my hands. It’s kinda been hell even though I’m grateful for medical and disability. Hoo-ah.

  • I am very disapointed in the way our government has treated our vets from the very beginning Ft McClellan 85 to 86 mp basic and ait Delta 40 3rd platoon toughest company on base at that time I also just found out about these issues about an hour ago and I to just related my issues to old age unexeceptable I would do it all over again because I love my country but shame on our government and wow!!!

  • Guess I’m one of the lucky ones did my basic and ait at ft mac in 1980 a co 12th bn 3rd plt.have had some health issues but I have attributed them to just getting old. 2 heart attacks bad back knees and hips ache. Can’t attribute any of it to being there but who knows.

    • Not everyone is going to get sick. But I’m not sure I’d call someone your age with a history of 2 heart attacks lucky. If some of the contaminants contribute to weight gain (endocrine disrupters) and weight contributed to the heart attacks, then wouldn’t the contamination be partially responsible?

  • Ya’ll seem to be clueless if you think you are going to win the Va filing claims game. I’ve been that route,written to the president, senators and congressmen. We had 26 senators on board in the senate sub-committee, but they felt that the bill for those of us exposed was too weak. The bill for our dscendents was so much stronger. Senator Tonko is dead, if you didn’t know that. The senators on board wanted us to have more protection. President Obama’s staff killed any hope for us getting help. Maybe you don’t know about the memo that was leaked but it said the bills would not move forward because it would break the Army’s military spending budget”. The bills gather dust and will just stay there. My DAV rep told me that the government said we are an embarrassment and they are just waiting for us to die. I have 7 autoimmune diseases and am getting ready to be diagnosed with my 8th-all well documented. How in the wor