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Fort McClellan – ‘the most toxic place on the planet’

May 26, 2013   //   by admin1   //   News  //  246 Comments

If you served at Fort McClellan – ‘the most toxic place on the planet’ – and are ill, give this info to your Dr and file a VA claim, say veterans’ advocates.

Here’s why. I am in the process of preparing a Veterans Administration claim stemming from my service at the former chemical/biological warfare training site fondly known as Fort Mac. I want to talk to others who served there. If you don’t know about the toxic secrets that might be lurking inside you, I’d like to give you a heads up. If you do know about them, I want to hear your story.

If you are a Ft. McClellan vet who is a newbie to this issue, I have good news and bad news.

So even if you find yourself encountering human-guised hyenas who burst into laughter while you are popping the nitroglycerin or are holed up in the e.r. yet again, the VA understands that you cannot fake a heart attack or other recognized conditions (such as, winding up with a four inch rod bolted to your neck).

The bad news: We were exposed. Big time. The CBS program 60 Minutes once called Fort Mac the most toxic place on the planet. It reportedly is the only chem/bio facility in the Army where live substances were manufactured, stored, and used in training. The McClellan Cocktail includes depleted Uranium, sarin gas, mustard gas, and various other bacterial, nerve and chemical agents. And let’s not forget that old standby, Agent Orange.

This past weekend I talked to an old Army buddy who told me about her freakish list of health problems. Many of them mirrored mine precisely; but I was the first to tell her about toxic exposure at Ft. McClellan. I hope she joins me in filing a claim. It is a drawn-out process. You have to produce more than just the standard DD-214. I am in the process of filing my own claim. I already have sent my notification, as required, to the Veterans Administration. My Veterans Service Organization will pick up from there.

source: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/07/06/heads-up-for-those-who-served-at-fort-mcclellan/

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  • I was at fort McClellan in 1977 I’ve been breathing problems and prostate problems and him scared because I know I was exposed I haven’t been diagnosed with anything serious what do vame taking prostate pills I had trouble breathing back problems walking problems and arthritis who do I contact to get help what do I tell the VA to get at least 10%

  • I too was at Ft. Mac.
    Degenerative disc disease.
    Massive endocrine issues.
    Adult onset allergies.
    Reproductive issues.
    Skin issues. Bilateral…eruptions not like agent orange but on limbs and trunk and the bottoms of feet and backs of my hands. It’s kinda been hell even though I’m grateful for medical and disability. Hoo-ah.

  • I am very disapointed in the way our government has treated our vets from the very beginning Ft McClellan 85 to 86 mp basic and ait Delta 40 3rd platoon toughest company on base at that time I also just found out about these issues about an hour ago and I to just related my issues to old age unexeceptable I would do it all over again because I love my country but shame on our government and wow!!!

  • Guess I’m one of the lucky ones did my basic and ait at ft mac in 1980 a co 12th bn 3rd plt.have had some health issues but I have attributed them to just getting old. 2 heart attacks bad back knees and hips ache. Can’t attribute any of it to being there but who knows.

    • Not everyone is going to get sick. But I’m not sure I’d call someone your age with a history of 2 heart attacks lucky. If some of the contaminants contribute to weight gain (endocrine disrupters) and weight contributed to the heart attacks, then wouldn’t the contamination be partially responsible?

  • Ya’ll seem to be clueless if you think you are going to win the Va filing claims game. I’ve been that route,written to the president, senators and congressmen. We had 26 senators on board in the senate sub-committee, but they felt that the bill for those of us exposed was too weak. The bill for our dscendents was so much stronger. Senator Tonko is dead, if you didn’t know that. The senators on board wanted us to have more protection. President Obama’s staff killed any hope for us getting help. Maybe you don’t know about the memo that was leaked but it said the bills would not move forward because it would break the Army’s military spending budget”. The bills gather dust and will just stay there. My DAV rep told me that the government said we are an embarrassment and they are just waiting for us to die. I have 7 autoimmune diseases and am getting ready to be diagnosed with my 8th-all well documented. How in the world do you think we would be acknowledged when we’ve been at war for years and our boys coming home missing arms or legs might get 20% ? The military can hide anything they want and, lets face it, they’ve done it to us. Dying in Tennessee.

    • The budget is not the issue. Your DAV rep is being needlessly cruel. What good is the comparison of a leg blown off and your soon to be 8 autoimmune diseases? If both are caused by military service, then the military needs to compensate for them. And who do you think is working on those bills that are being presented to congress? Who is back and forth to DC and talking to congress on our behalf?

    • I took basic training from October of 85 until February 86. I had a serious nose bleed after going into the gas chamber twice which I had to go the hospital to get surgery on the nose it wouldn’t stop bleeding cause me to get recycle for an extra month of basic training. I went to my new duty station a few months later at Ft. Campbell I start have problems with nasal polyps I had one surgery while station at Ft. Campbell and when I got out I had two more surgery to remove the polyps. Since than I been diagnose with sleep apnea and asthma. I file a claim I got 10% for asthma and was denial twice for sleep apnea.

    • This is more than a comment, it is a plan of action and I need everyone of you involved so listen carefully. This may take more than one e-mail to explain it all. My name is Bill Thomas, I was stationed at Fort McClellan from 1976 through 1978, I was in Graves Registration with alot of map and compass work in the field for three years. It started October 2017, I found out I had Prostate Cancer, In November they did surgery and found that it had traveled to my Lymph Glands 4 of 6 had to be removed. Then they found it had traveled to my Lymph Gland in my right Lung and created a Super Hilar Mass which is inoperable as the cancer wraps around your blood vessels and nerves from your heart and cut off blood flow to the brain. I was supposed to die 6 weeks ago. I just won my 100% Disability from the V.A. for Service Related Herbicide Contamination as the cause of the cancer (Without An Attorney). The Head of the Senate Sub-Committee is the one sitting on the Bill by Senator Tonko and has for 5 Congressional sessions, they want us to give up. For the last 16 years I worked for DCMA under DoD as a type of Contract Auditor for Government Property. I also know how Government Transportation works and the forms required. The V.A. and the Attotneies will tell you you need a nexus between CFR 3.307 and 3.309 to prove you were poisoned at Fort McClellan. Now the next two e-mails will be my conjecture into what they are probably trying to hide. Stay Tuned.

    • Part II./ In 1968 there were thousands and thousand of 55 gallon drums located at the Port in Mississippi, pictures are on line. The other place was Port Mobile in Alabama which also had thousands of 55 gallon drums all returned from Vietnam. Please note they had not started incinerating the Tactical herbicides at Johnson Island at that time. In 1968 Hurricane Camile hit both places, Mississippi Port lost 147, 55 gallon drums of Tactical Herbicides. At Port Mobile there was railroad cars 17 to be precise filled with 55 Gallon drums of tactical Herbicides along with all the others stored near the Beach. Could the rail cars have been moved inland to the nearest Military Base with the facilities to handle over 2,650, 55 Gallon Drums of Tactical Herbicides? A (FOIA) multiple need to be done to ask that question. They would need DD Form 1348-1A or DD250’s or DD1149’s (Legal Government Transportation Documents) in order to move the herbicides. Unless because of the emergency of the Hurricane they skipped the paperwork. Each Drum would require a (TCN) Transportation Control Number along with a lot of other information including the contents by percentage. If the Tactical Herbicides were shipped from Port Mobile where is the Transportation Documentation? Yes we need multiple (FOIA’s) to ask the Government, like the National Archives in Washington D.C. Show us the Documents. I find it highly unlikely that the Army Engineer in charge of ordering Commercial Herbicides from the Manufacturers would order 183,640 gallons of Commercial Herbicides that all have Military Standards and Specifications and if mixed right would make Agents Orange, White, Pink, Green, Purple and Blue. Which would mean that Fort McClellan was not sprayed with Commercial Herbicides at all but instead with Tactical Herbicides on a Military Base in the United states which is illegal. But another good reason to hide the truth. Yes another (FOIA) is needed to ask for the transportation documentation from the Manufacturer. I still have serious doubts that the Base Engineer could order such a vast quantity without permission from Higher Command. Yes again a (FOIA) is needed to ask where is the Documentation. Where were these herbicides stored? Seems there are no records of that either! Either Fort McClellan or Anniston Army Depot or both. Again another (FOIA) is needed. The United States Army could not be that inept on keeping records in so many places. OH, THERE IS MUCH MORE TO COME SEE PART III NEXT.

    • PART III? First off too many complaints and not enough action, I have been researching all this for a year to get this far with my conjectures that have to be very close to the truth for the Senate and V.A. to be so relentless in denying Fort McClellan Veterans Rights. So let us start where I stopped in part II. Please note that the Vietnam Veterans went through the same thing for 30 years before it was recognized that Herbicides caused their conditions. It cannot be money alone that is causing the Government to block Presumptive status of Fort McClellan Veterans, it makes me feel that I am closer to the mark than first expected. I believe that there was a lot more Military Standard Herbicides sprayed between 1969 and 1973 based upon the quantity that the 17 railroad cars could have held. Yes, another (FOIA) on Base Engineering Records for that time frame. Now in 1969 it was reported that an empty 55 Gallon drum with an Orange stripe was found behind the (WAC’S) Basic training Barracks. In 1969 a Soldier Won one of the first 100% Disability Claim based on photos of the 55 Gallon Drums of Agent Orange on the Base which he was standing next to. Did these just get back from Vietnam? Yes, another (FOIA) is needed to ask about the photo when presumably there was no Tactical Herbicides located at any other Bases than the 6 where testing was still being done in the 1970’s. Now Fort McClellan according to the Final Environmental Baseline Survey Volume II of II only had one 300 Gallon Herbicide Spray Truck on hand at the Base for spraying. I know for a fact that they did not have the Aircraft or necessary equipment to spray from the Air. Having been at the Airport in order to jump out of Helicopters, oh and of course there are no records. The V.A. and the Senate should be held accountable not us Veterans. They should be the ones having to prove that we were not exposed to Tactical Herbicides and that 183,640 Gallons is not excessive to spray in a three year period and could not cause human harm. My Son has Auto Immune Disorders one where he gets ruptures all over his face and torso. He had one so big you could put a golf ball in his face. How is he supposed to be able to work? This came on at the onset of adulthood when he was 20 years old and it is getting worse it is turning into MRSA every time he gets it. That is disrupted DNA changed by my exposure. We have to fight Smart and do it legally. SEE PART IV Next.

    • PART IV: The reason I was a good auditor is I think outside the box, remember there is no box.
      When the City of Anniston was tested for (PCB’s) why wasn’t Fort McClellan tested? Yes, another (FOIA) this one for the USEPA. It is a known fact that the City of Anniston had (PCB’s) in their drinking water. Where do you think the Base for the most part got their water from the City of Anniston. If a Bore Test was done on the old growth trees still on Base it would show the amount of (PCB) Contamination and the years it happened in. Please note this test has never been done or at least I have been unable to find any records of any tests being done, WHY? We know the answer to that it was not only water contamination but soil and air. This would have forced them to close the Base much sooner. Why are there no maps showing where the 613th Field Service Company was located? That was the Company I was in, but there are now no records of the Series 800 Barracks, it is behind one of those do not enter fences I am pretty sure. These were World War II Barracks and I am pretty sure they were fed from wells on the Base. Someone prove me wrong please. Why did the USEPA transfer the cleanup of Fort McClellan to the State of Alabama? To keep it off the (NPL) list and make it harder for us to prove our cases. They traded the Federal Land to the State to do the cleanup.
      Now we are finding even today that some of the Dump sites on the Base have high concentrations of (PCB’s) including (TCE) which Camp Lejune got compensated for with Presumptive Status. That 300 Gallon Spray truck would have been hard pressed to spray 183,640 gallons of Military Standard Herbicides in a three year period, let alone what was sprayed between 1969 and 1973, again, yes we need a (FOIA) to get the records. The Senate Sub-Committee and the Veterans Administration is trying to hard to hide the TRUTH, so we all know something was wrong. It is time we started asking our Congressmen to do the right thing and request the (FOIA’s) for us as we will only be denied or ignored again, a very compelling reason to know they are hiding something that should be of National Concern to all the People of The United States. What ever happened to them being servants of the people of the United States? You will need at least four Doctors to state that your condition at a minimum was very likely caused by your being stationed at Fort McClellan and being exposed to masive quantities of possible Rainbow Herbicides. You need to show when you got there and how long you were stationed there and what your MOS was that would cause you to be exposed to it. My feeling is that if you were there between 1974 and 1978 you were exposed no matter what your MOS was at the time. If you were in Basic Training or AIT you were most certainly exposed to (IT). Now the real question is: WHAT IS IT? They have now confirmed it will take at least until 2040 to complete the cleanup of Fort McClellan so even if you were there after 1978 you were exposed to something hazardous in nature. Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps any and all of you. My data is based upon research and conjecture as to where and when the Military Standard and Specification Herbicides came from. They want to say Commercial, I say we use “” Military standards and Specification Herbicides since that is exactly what they were. This data is on line and available doing GOOGLE Search. Look up: (CHEM-PUB) then type in Rainbow Herbicides, it is the same stuff listed on the Government Report# 110 and the Final Environmental Baseline Survey, Fort McClellan, 1998, Volume II of II page 609. Thank you again and God Bless you all my fellow Brothers and Sister Soldiers.

    • Part V: Hello all This is Bill Thomas (215) 757-5180 Time is short I turned 62 yesterday by the Grace of God. I stated that I had Stage IV Prostate Cancer. it traveled into my Lymph Glands in my groin, then to my right Lung and a Inoperable Hilar Mass cutting off blood flow to my Brain. But I also have degenerative discs in my lower back, nerve damage inboth arms and hands, both legs, I bruise and bleed at the slightest bump. Basically I do not know what it is like to not be in pain everyday. One of you must know a Chemist, go to CHEM-PUB or is it PUB-CHEM get to Rainbow Herbicides match it against the list on the Final Environmental Baseline Survey, Fort McClellan, 1998, Volume II of II Appendix E page 609. As I stated a combination of those Military Standard and Specification Herbicides (COMMERCIAL) MY XXX can and do make the Veteran Administrations (TACTICAL HERBICIDES) it is there in writing. Now for the FINAL STRAW, match the list of HERBICIDES used at Fort McClellan against any other Military Base and for a Three Year Period and I Guarantee they will not even be close to the same Compounds or Quantities. Every day I feel myself a little closer to dying, I already beat my experation date of two months ago, but I am getting very sick now and need you all to continue the fight without me. REMEMBER you can send a REQUEST for help to your Congressman, if they don’t want to help, why are they in Office? Get the Newspapers onvolved, what a Great Story: Congress Spits on Dying Veterans requests for (FOIA’s) on RECORDS OF FORT MCCLELLAN HERBICIDE CONTAMINATION. Find out what they used on the other Bases and FIGHT. I could not do it alone and now I don’t see me making it to October 1st, 2019. So Fight for yourselves and fight for your Brothers and Sisters in Arms. If they Deny giving you the information after multiple (FOIA’s) have been sent out then the American Dream is truly slipping away right before our eyes. I am An American and Proud of IT, and it was an Honor to Serve in the United States Army, we Deserve the Respect we have Earned and never forget it!

  • I attended OSUT MP basic and MP school 85′ to 86′. I have back disc problems, hip problems, and live with hip and bone pain everyday. I have a large mass in my shoulder bone. I would definately like more guidance from anyone that can help. Thank you so much… Antonio Ribera
    my email is missionsfx@gmail.com

    • I took basic from December of 85 until February 86. I have all the symptoms you listed.

      • My mobility is becoming a problem more and more.

    • I was at basic there in 89 I have all those symptoms I have had 3 back surgeries and I to have a lump on my shoulder and always in pain.

  • Fort McClellan WAC 1976 April-FEB 1977 Ammon Detail Center sgt Russell 662-551-0418 contact me if you were transported by me or knew me back then.

    • Otis Russell,i was there the same exact time you were C-11

    • So you just happened to be there in 1976 when they were spraying all thoses colorful Herbicides on the Base. Look up (The Final Environmental Baseline Survey) Fort McClellan, dated 1998 Volume II of II, Appendix E, Page 609 it gives you a list of the herbicides they sprayed between 1974 and 1976. then check out Pub-Chem: RAINBOW HERBICIDES, funny it is he same stuff, so was it Tactical Herbicides or Commercial Herbicides they Sprayed on us? Why are there no records for any other years, before or after? If yo have Cancers or other problems and you were there in 1976 you just need to prove that your job had you out in the bush/jungle most of the wooded overgrown areas on the Base daily or for prolonged periods, like bivwacs or such. I finally got my 100% two months ago, the same time the Doctors told me I was going to die! I am dying just a little slower and more painful than they thought.

  • i was diagnosed with parkinsons in 2014. my neurologists have been completely baffled by my age. i was 40 at the time of my diagnosis, and no family history of this disease. it started with a tremor in my right hand while i was in my 30s. then i started dragging my left foot. i have cognitive issues, and dystonia in my feet and hands. i have so many issues. just typing this on a computer is a challenge. i was at the mac for basic in the summer of 1991 C787 , and ait in the summer of 1992 B795 for 95b military police.

    • I was there the same exact time you were.

  • I was stationed at Fort McClennan for basic training in 1983. As many of the stories listed here, during basics living in the dirt and going through gas chambers was the way of life. I have always been considered a healthy man who is considered to be a non-drinker and never to have smoked.

    When I turned 53, VA found a very large mass attached to my left kidney. This mass I approximately larger than a soccer ball and showed no symptoms. My blood work was perfect and didn’t show any cancer, but the CT scan shows this very large mass. I am scheduled for surgery Jan 3rd where they will remove the tumor with my left kidney.

    I have been told that kidney cancer usually is seen in someone age 64. The younger you are, the rarer it becomes. I am planning on filing a claim with VA, but anticipate that my claim will be denied and will have to be appealed.

    On top of my basic training exposure, I was also exposed to contaminates for nearly 28 months at Fort Ord to include the drinking water. I am searching for any information that I should include in my VA claim.

    • Hi Kevin,
      I’m sorry to hear of your health issues. TCE is associated with kidney cancer according to the ATSDR. The VA will need to know how you were exposed while in the military, when you were exposed, to the amount you were exposed to and for what period of time.

      There are many record we don’t have because McClellan closed and, as we were told by BRAC, everyday maintenance records were discarded.

      TCE showed up in the city water periodically. When the EPA started testing and regulating it, the Department of Defense and Anniston Water Works had to install expensive Air Strippers to keep the potable water within EPA drinking water parameters. An EPA investigation showed that there were plumes of TCE and Vinyl Chloride beneath Fort McClellan and just outside the gates of Anniston Army Depot. They suspect that these plumes leached into the water supply deep underground that supplied Anniston. TCE is a degreaser. It was used frequently in the mechanics shops. But again, no records exist to show it was ordered and used.

      The only way that I can see of getting compensated, at this time, is documented exposure to TCE in the military (a spill or accident) and a letter from a doctor stating that it is more likely than not that your tumor is the result of exposure. Even then, the timeline falls outside of the guidelines for military compensation. You would have had to experience symptoms or show the tumor existed within a year of separating. In short, there are rules for standard military compensation cases that are working against toxic exposure cases. Typically, our health issues appear years or decades after exposure.

      Generally, seek help with filing your claim. Talk with the DAV, VVA, and American Legion representatives that help veterans file claims. Claims can take multiple years to go through the system and most are outright denied.

      • Adrienne, This is William P. Thomas, again. You are right about getting more than one Doctor to state that more than likely being stationed at Fort McClellan you were exposed to Chemicals and herbicides. Please read my above 5 e-mails I wrote it explains alot. They are just now finding large amounts of TCE in the land fills at Fort McClellan. I did get my 100% disability last month when I was supposed to have died. I am now coughing up blood and cannot breath. Do a (FOIA) and send it to (ASD) Army Supply Division, even though the records are gone from Fort McClellan doesn’t mean that there are no records of the shipments of herbicides and chemicals to Fort McClellan. Keep fighting, I don’t think I have more than a couple of days left to live. Please have eceryone read my e-mails they may help with their Cases. God Bless The American Veterans of Fort McClellan. 215-757-5180

    • I left BASIC from FT MAC in late July of 1984 with severe chloracne and acute respitory conditions, excessive sweating, diarrhea and abdominal cramps lasting for more than 10 years. I also suspect I was exposed to some sort of BIO agent that caused a skin condition where my hands touched the soil. I continued to use the base for recreation, as well as National Guard Drill at FT MAC and Pelham Range until 1991 when I finally became unable to function. 35 years later my face still burns and my nose is constantly clogged and irritated. My primary doctor told me to seek treatment at a VA medical center because they did not know enough about exposure to chemicals. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE !

  • I was at ft.mac.1969-1970 any one there in the same time frame time please make contact with me thanks

    • I was stationed there in 1970 for Basic Training and went to sick call in 71 and 72 due to fatigue , sore throats, excessive feeling of general malaise with bone and muscle aches and fevers. My “sick call ” physician following me on one base kept saying I cant identify it but you are very ill. Later after discharge I collapsed while jogging on the beach in my hometown and went through 2 years of diagnostic procedures and was told I had ” PULMONERY SARCOIDOSIS “. I am a patient at my local V.A. hospital but they gave me a pittance service connected pension because while they admit the illness began in Fort Mc Clellan they do not feel I am bothered by it. After being given the Comp and Pension physical to ascertain that the symptoms dated back to Fort. Mc Clellan my medical records were “LOST” . I am sick every day.

    • I took and completed infantry training there in 1969 – 1970 Tiger Land

  • I did my basic/ait there Dec 88 to April 89. Never had any issues. I’ve been a police officer for 23 years now and five years ago I was struck by a drunk driver on duty when he slammed into the back of my squad car. When the did an MRI on my head I did have a good concussion but they found several “things” inside my brain that were not supposed to be there. A brain surgery was done because they thought it was cancer. It wasn’t but my doctor said he wasn’t sure what it was but it wasn’t supposed to be there. I have epilepsy now and take two medications a day. The city I work for said I have no disability with them as it was a “pre-existing medical issue that was awoken when the drunk driver hit me”. I have trouble with complex partial seizures and some short term memory issues. The good thing is that I still have my job but I just work inside on a desk now with no field duty. If I had never had a concussion or a seizure and based on my time at McCellan could it be that the issues were there and awoken by getting hit. Has anyone heard of epilepsy being related to exposure there and what exactly would I do to find out.

  • I just learned of this yesterday, I served at Fort Mcclellan in 1977 67G twin prop engines maintenance/mechanic was in Newport News, Va. Memory loss, can’t remember, Then on to a VIP Airbase.in Alexandria Va. Crawled through all the mud and dirt through training. Riddled with RA, Fibro, celiac, and more auto immune disorders along with severe depression & anxiety.

  • I was at McClellan in 1981. Like many of you, I am experiencing health issues as well. If you are a family member or have served there, please send me name and year that you or your family member was there. I am composing a list to establish a pattern and trend to try to do what I can to help force the issue. I was trained as a Paralegal and I decided to use that to help veterans and this is a good place to start. You can email me the information to me if you all like to jcampbell6205@gmail.com and subject line it Ft.McClellan. Maybe as a united group of vets that share a common interest we all as one loud voice will get something done. Thank you all for your sharing through your posts.

    • I was there from nov 80 to Jan 81.

  • I just came across this about Ft. McClellan, Alabama. I serve time at the post and over the past several years developed nerve issues and some unexplained illnesses that have me questioning as to what other conditions might be suspected in connection with Ft. McClellan and the toxic situation associated with it. I was at the post from 1981 until my reassignment orders came through.

  • I was at Fort McClellan for basic training in 1977 I don’t have any problems yet but I’m looking out for them I would appreciate any news on this issue because I mat have issues with this in the future I have one granddaughter they said will not live past year 3 and I hope it’s not because of this chemicals dump site

  • Husband was stationed here in 91-92 and he was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in June. We are filing a claim but it sounds discouraging as it much anyone is doing about it.

  • 54d20 1969 at fort McClellan . V.A denied

    • I stumbled on this site by accident just looking for my old Battle buddy Pricilla Sanchez. What I saw here shocked me! I became very ill during basic training at Fort McClellen in 1994. I enlisted 95B with the intent of a life long career. By week 12 I was very ill I had the first asthma attack of my life even though I had bronchitis as a child. I had NEVER had Asthma and I was experiencing bone density issues. I was shortly discharged. This was “after” our training in the field and our training in The chemical chamber. Within a year of returning home I developed Adenomeosis, migraine headaches, strange allergic reactions, chronic pain, thyroid disorder, and following those issues up I’ve also developed gastrointestinal issues, Degenerative disc disease, an inability to absorb vitamins, memory loss, balance issues, sleep disorder, vision and hearing disruption. Over the years my Doctors have struggled to find a source or one cause for these many issues they are seemingly unlinked and reading the many stories here I think I may finally have the answer. I already have my DD214 and a huge compilation of Doctors records from beginning to end, not to mention my Charlie company year book with photos of all of us exiting the gas chamber. What else do I need? And where should I go from here??

      95B Charlie company, training start date 01/1994

  • My husband was an MP and did basic training in summer of 91 and AIT summer of 92 at Ft. McClellan. He started with a hand tremor in his mid-30’s and was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease at 40. Just learned about this exposure today and will be contacting the VA to submit a claim.

  • I was in the Michigan Army National Guard, when I attended the NBC Specialist Course March 30-June 1, 1984. I was assigned to Delta Company, Chemical School Battalion. Am I able to file a claim? If so, so I qualify for it?

  • Stationed in 1982-1983 was pulled from training and taken to chemical research lab at ft mac was injected with unknown substance then ordered to sign a non-disclosure agreement or be court martialed.

    • l was there in 1979 and the same thing happen to me

    • I was also pulled from training in 1982 and ordered to take an unknown injection. I tried to refuse, but was threatened with court martial- Today, I have numerous auto immune diseases, and my daughter has a extremaly rare blood disease.


  • my husband had basic training and AIT there. He has skin problems disc problems now he has cancer all over his body. This post was toxic and is killing him thanks to our veterans who suffer now..

    • I have just been diagnosed with throat, head and neck cancer. There for 16 weeks Aug-Dec 1982. Are any private attorneys taking up the cause?


    • I was stationed there in 1982 for Basic training. We crawled through, the junk in the field, we bathed in the streams at Bivouac, we breathed the air. They took us to the ranges where as they joked looked like the moon scapes as some areas nothing grew. I remember an area on the 30 mile march they it started to lightening very badly and they had us lay flat on the ground and cover with the poncho as the lightening hit all around close by and that area was devoid of any vegetation or tress and simply looked like a barren landscape. Ran our company through the gas chamber a few different times. Also did anyone else remember the Wednesday injection days where they marched people to what they said was a TMC outside the Chemical school barracks and the “supposed TMC” people came out and injected troops in groups? This happened many Wednesdays in Basic. I found out later no other basic trainees at other bases went through that. I have respiratory issues whereas the VA calls it pulmonary Fibrosis, I have circulatory issues now whereas veins have needed stripping out of my leg and I have edema and pain where my legs swell. I have now developed tiny vein syndrome (the va called it that) where many viens have clustered around the heart and cause what feels like a heart attack, they gave me Nitro for that and said take that. I have had thyroid issues, and depression problems too. We were guinea pigs in my opinion and the danged VA wont help. They have a lame website that they put out for us and basically said there are no veteran health issues related to Ft. McClellan. I had a son who was born and he also had respiratory issues and could not breath on him own 5 days after birth where they prescribed theoclear so his body would produce eventually thofollen (forgive spelling) which by the way we were told initially that this is usually a chemical attack that causes those symptoms. I am sick now and will not likely live to be a really old man dues to the health issues that the VA otherwise wants to say “Not service connected” please contact me at james_barth@bellsouth.net if you can help

    • I just found out about this and on the VA’s disability app. it has 17 spots for disabilities. I have 18 that can be traced now to Ft. Mac.I have 2 republicans from Indiana the Sen. and Congress helping me. One Dem Sen. Joe Donnally replied with a form letter. Worthless thats why he will not be reelected this fall I hope.I will not give up on this and everyone should contact anyone they can to get the word out. This should not and will not take as long as the agent orange crap. Plus agent Orange was at Ft. Mac. 2 + 2 =4.

  • I have learned so much about causes of my illnesses.

  • My name is Charlie mobley, B12 Aug-Dec ’85. I read a lot of your posts. I wish you all the best and get healthy. I can’t say I have any health issues. Maybe good genetics. Anyway, good luck to you all!

    • Charlie, what platoon were you in? I was in Company A 12th Battalion 2nd Platoon Military Police, during that same time period Aug-Dec 85

    • Shoot me an email at davidcraigmile@gmail.com

  • Any of you veterans have children with chronic health problems? My Father was stationed here from in 1977. He has a myriad of health problems that he has filed a claim for. I am 37 years old and also have several health problems. I was diagnosed with crohns at 27 and just a couple of weeks ago was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (nice term for menopause). No one else in my family has ceohn’s or any kind of auto-immune disease. The women in my family have all went through menopause at an appropriate age. My Dad and have been doing research on this and I am convinced that my health problems are due to his exposure to all the toxic chemicals he was around while stationed here. So just curious what everyone’s thoughts are on this and if any one has children with chronic health problems. Thanks so much.

    • Please excuse all my spelling and grammatical errors!

    • yes, the children and even grandchildren are subject to unusual diseases. The DNA has been altered. Sorry.

    • I have many of these illnesses as well. I was there in 1984 for basic. My wife and I had our 3rd child 3 years later and he had respiratory issues from the day he was born. He was eventually diagnosed with asthma, very severe. He was hospitalized about 15 times before he was a year old. Once he was in intensive care after being sent by ambulance to the nearest major hospital for a collapsed lung. When he was 15 he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma ( bone caner ) in his pelvis. Vanderbilt Hospital is a huge place and they told us that he was the first patient they ever treated with osteosarcoma primary site being in the pelvis. It usually starts in a long bone such as the leg or arm. We took him from Tennessee to Seattle Washington, and to Houston Texas for a 17 hour operation thought to possibly help him. He didn’t respond to treatments and he passed away shortly after his 18th birthday.

  • I attended basic and AIT 95 B at FT McClellan June 95-Nov 95. Once discharged due to a pregnancy in late 96 I began itching so badly I would scratch my legs til they were bloody. I was always tired and none of the doctors I seen could diagnose a problem. I am currently a Deputy Sheriff and very active. In June 2015 I began having severe abdominal pain and developed knots on my clavicle bone on both sides. By the end of September 2015 I was admitted to the ER with an enlarged spleen and was severely anemic with some type of blood disorder. I was referred to an oncologist and encouraged to see him immediately. Oct 1, 2015 I was told I had to have emergency surgery due to my spleen weighing over 3 lbs, and the oncologist suspected I had B cell lymphoma. Oct 22, 2015 I had a bone marrow biopsy and on oct 23, 2015 my spleen gallbladder and 3 lymph nodes were removed. My spleen weighed o er 7 pounds and was full of cancer, the gallbladder was full of stones and the lymph nodes were also cancerous. My bone marrow biopsy returned showing 85% was cancerous. I was diagnosed with stage 4 B cell follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (slow growing cancer, not cure able) and had to start aggressive chemotherapy immediately. I went into remission in April of 2016. Dec 2017 the same cancer returned in my chest stage 2. I’ve had surgery to remove those lymph nodes but still have Enlarged lymph nodes in my neck. I’m participating in a clinical study consisting of immunotherapy and chemotherapy. I live a healthy lifestyle, coach crossfit 5 days a week and work as deputy Sheriff with the position of lieutenant on a highly aggressive task force. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed in October of 2015 that I learned that the severally itching skin on my legs and my unexplainable tiredness were symptoms of lymphoma. Just yesterday I went to the VA for help and was not impressed. I filled out some form and was told someone would get back with me in a few weeks or I would get a letter. I need some guidance, do I wait or get a private attorney to fight for me? I never had health issues til I went to basic. Thank you all for your service.

  • My father was there in the 1940’s. He and my brother both passed away in 2005. My brother was only 45 years old. My father was 83 years old. After reading about all the symptoms everyone has, it now makes sense to me as to why myself and 3 daughters, as well as my 1 grandchild have all the issues we have been dealing with. Fibromyalgia, Asthma, fatty liver, eye problems, endometriosis, chronic bronchitis, mental health issues, ptsd, anxiety, high cholesterol, sleep issues like chronic insomnia, acid reflux/GERD, stomach/gastrointestinal issues, prone to heat stroke also (though no one mentioned this), and allergies to various things. As well as the memory issues, arthritis, bone issues (at 15 one daughter had osteopenia already and premature ovarian failure), one daughter has degenerative disc problem. I’ve dealt depression my whole life. I just turned 53 and my daughters range in age from 21 to 34 years old.

    • Thank you for this post, can you email me your father’s name and the approximate year he was there. I am only using it to show a connection and pattern of the base and veterans health issues is not an isolated incident that it is well diversified throughout the generations of veterans that did anytime at the post. I share many of the same health issues as you had described in your post. I was there myself in 1981. Like you, I have 3 kids that range from 31 to 24. My youngest was confined to a wheelchair due to spinal issues that I fell maybe connected to McClellan. My email is jcampbell6205@gmail.com. Thanks again for your post.

  • I too served here in C Co. 795th MPBN in 92′. I have also experienced sine then a multitude of health issues ranging from thyroid issues diagnosed by age 30, arthritis, chronic joint pain, swollen glands, degenerative discs, chronic neck pain, chronic shoulder pain, stomach issues, cramping in my legs and also brain fog. I am only 47 and yet i feel like an old man and constantly in pain and discomfort. It’s getting worse every year and I have been putting off back surgery and shoulder surgery but I’ll need those very soon.

  • I’ve been in chronic pain during and since ft mcclellan, 1973 to 1975. Doctors ever since that time. I have too many problems to name and do have medical records from service stating the fact
    Please contact me. I would like to hear from women who serviced with me at that time. Assigned with co b2 d bn, uswacbtbde for basic, 1973 to 1975. Feb. Thank you.

    • Hlo, Margaret, I was at Ft McClellan for basic in January 1975 to Aprkl. I was also in Thailand. I have breast cancer and asthma. I have not made any claims on them yet.When I was in Ft McClellan, I developed bronchitis. It is not chronic but I easily get it. My breast cancer is now in my lungs stage 4. I developed a chronic cough only about 2 years ago but I think I have bad asthma longer and in denial. Do you know of anyone who has had breast cancer or asthma?
      What else?
      Thank you,
      Hilda F Maughan

  • I went through MP OSUT in 1995 B-795, I had many health issues after over the years however i just recently read multiple articles. The thing that scares me the most is 2012 i was diagnosed with cancer. It wasnt anything genetic and doesnt run in my family. I thank God that im here to tell my story but it just doesn’t seem coincidental that many Soldiers have suffered many health problems or issues after having been there. The picture is definitely clear i hope people who have been exposed and or suffered from these issues are cared for.

    Still serving

  • Wac Basic Training May of 1970 to July ’70. I WAS ONLY 23. BY AGE 30, I had a total Abdominal Hysterectomy from Endometriosis. Chronically sick until my discharged in 1972 from Ft. HUACHUCA, AZ. UNDIAGNOSED AUTO IMMUNE HASHIMOTO’S THYRODITIS , WHICH WAS MISDIAGNOSED AT THE VA in Boise, Idaho. I’ve been on 200mcg of levothyroxine for 20 years. A right cervical lymph node was done at Ft. HUACHUCA, for unexplained illnesses while station there from Sept. 1970 to my discharge Feb. 1972. Now I learn about the toxic exposure, which I definitely was exposed to while at Ft. MCCLELLAN.

    • I did my basic training at Ft McClellan in July of 74, anything new on this?

      • Hello Stephanie, I was stationed at Fort McClellan July 1974. I have been very sick over 44 years. I happened to stumble upon the toxic chemical problem at Fort McClellan in April 2018 and it left me speechless. According to what I have learned the VA was suppose to notify everyone that was stationed there and put our name on a registry. You can find a lot of information on YouTube and the Internet about Fort McClellan.

    • I was there in Feb 1986, and now it makes sense. Someone mentioned to me that the agent orange and what happened to us in the gas chamber especially when we had to remove our gas masks are now playing parts with our heath. My blood is not right, and was diagnosed incorrectly when it appears arthritis is causing the on-going pain. I will surely discuss this with my doctor and file a claim with the VA.

  • I’m one of the people who was with Fort McClellan in 1976. I ended up in more dirt than I can remember. I have many medical problems. I had a heart attack at age 55, a stroke at age 56 and a second stroke at age 65. I was sent to Germany when my time at Ft McClellan ended. I cant get any benefits because I never had a DD214. I had PTDS and ended up with a general discharge under other honorable conditions, so I’m better off not asking for help because I will be dead in a few years

    • John, sorry to hear about your discharge. PTSD wasn’t diagnosed in those days. I wonder if it would be worth your time to see if one of the service organizations – maybe the DAV can help get that upgraded. If you’re married, it’s definitely worth the fight, especially if you can get VA disability at 100%. Good luck.

  • I did basic 348th – Aug 1989 to Oct 1989… I too am sick… I have seen numerous doctors and specialist trying to figure out what is wrong for years now.

  • In 1986, Schofield Barracks in Hawaii was listd on the EPA Super Fund list:


    The ground/drinking water was contaminated and had been for many years (I was there from 77 – 83). The same chemical trichloroethene (TCE) was found at Camp Lejeune BUT this base got a lot of press and Congress changed the VA rules:


    but the those of us in Hawaii have recieved no help or acknowledgment. I am now crippled with a rare muscle disorder and have been rated as %100 disabled – after fighting with the VA for 25 years. I was medically retied for the catch all diagnosis of fibromyalgia and medically retired.

    The goverment blatantly turned their backs on Benghazi – why would they care about us?


  • Anyone know if any of the symptoms from being at McClellan include Depression behavioral issues?

    • Yes, it called Neurobehavioral effects! Look up these effects! Good Luck!

    • Yes Mike, it’s called Neurobehavioral effects. Look into it. Good luck, take care!

  • Stationed mid 1989 and have had several issues. Multiple gastro issues including a ruptured colon resulting in colostomy and developed asthma shortly after leaving there. Anyone know about this supposed agent orange registry having McClellan added to it and how I find that info? Just reading lot of different things this week and it seems to point to people of all ages and era of service having a possible exposure from this base I am 47 and was there in 1989

  • I was stationed at ft.Mcclellan for basic during 1980-1981. I remember going thru the gas chamber vividly. We had to remove our mask and say our name rank and serial number. As we exited the chamber we were coughing gagging gasping for breath and mucous ran heavily out of our noses and mouth. My medical problems….too many to list….started then and continue to this day. I have been on disability from the age of 28…i am now 55.

    • Sorry off subject but I was born there in 1980 my mother became pregnant there serving and has informed me my biological father named Samuel Hammond I’m looking for him any one know how to find these recordsmy face book is Bobby laws I live in Decatur Indiana I can be reached at 2605178047 thatno you all and God bless

  • I also was in WAC Oct – Dec 1977. Bravo Company. I am having DJD, psoriatic arthitis,hupothyroidisism, Tinnitus Fibromyalgia and had fertility problems and had a baby die while pregnant with multiple congenital problems. I am constantly in pain and going bacl and forth to the doctor. I am sick of being sick

  • I was stationed at Ft Mac from Jan 1976-Mar 1976,was diagnosed by a military doctor in 1986 with degenerative disc disease,I am now experiencing severe lower back pain and neck pain,after reading numerous replies on this site I believe my medical problems were caused by exposure at Ft Mac

  • Finally my health issues are making since now that I learned about Ft. Mac. I was stationed there in 1992 and 1997. I submitted a claim and was denied

  • Now all my cancers and illnesses make sense. Just found out about the Toxicity of Fort McClellen. I went through basic in 1977. Right after basic my thyroid died. Then developed Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Lung Cancer and Now Waldenstrom Macroglobonemia lymphoma, as well as Occular neuropathy causing paralysis of the eye muscles.
    The good news is I now know why all these illnesses. The bad news it took this long to find out why. I applied to the VA disability but was denied but hired lawyers right away.

  • I was at Fort McClellan for the last WOOC course in 1977. During my time in the Army after that, I developed assorted spinal problems including degenerative disc disease, problems with my neck rotation, and more. I remember going through the “gas chamber” during training and that those of us with longer hair styled in up-doos, were required to take our hair down so we could get a proper seal with the gas mask. We were completely exposed to whatever was inside the chamber and around it. I’ve tried to discuss this with VA physicians, but they do not want to think about this and dismiss any suggestion I have about exposure while on active duty. Has the VA established an office or a particular point of contact for veterans’ assistance with the general topic of exposure to environmental toxins, such as we are discussing on this site?

    • I’ve gotten the same reactions. Even the DAV here at the VAMC in Grand Junction, co said he couldn’t help. I’m now suffering from Chronic pain syndrome (CPS) and with the VA taking away our pain meds, when the pain becomes overwhelming I will be ending it. I’m just so tired. I served from March 1974-1977. Even with all this, I’m proud that I served my country and value the time I spent as a soldier. If you do a search of Ft McClellan and chemical exposure3, you may be shocked at what you find. There are many support groups online and there is a bill before our legislators to create a registry for us (https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/3666/text). Take a look at the history of the bill and the number of times it’s been introduced only to die in committee. We all need to take this last shutdown to advise our legislators we don’t like the job they’re doing and that if they can afford to waste tax dollars on a shutdown they can certainly take care of us. I’d like to see a stronger bill that guarantees us both care and divisibility ratings. I’d like to see all vets who have been exposed to chemicals band together and show the American people what happened to all of us in all branches of the military and rthat both men and women have been harmed!

  • I was stationed at Fort McClellan at the age of 18, for 6 months back in 1960. Was there for WAC basic training and clerical school. Since then I have developed a series of illnesses that include non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (now stage 4 cirrhosis), fibromyalgia, abnormal breast milk, hyper thyroid, chronic asthma, skin rashes of unknown origin, severe fatigue and depression. All four of my adult children have related health issues, including unexplained liver function abnormalities. I have recently found out that the chemical and radiation exposures associated with Fort McClellan have potential to cause mutations that can be passed on to offspring, which is particularly disturbing. I have not taken steps to file a claim just yet. At this time I am in the process of gathering information to present to my primary care physician and liver specialist to determine whether any of my illnesses and symptoms are consistent with exposure to the toxic substances that I and others were exposed to during our time spent at McClellan.

    • Judy, I thought that because I was unable to carry a pregnancy to term that somehow I was being punished, but now I realize I was lucky because of our exposure. I’ve talked with other Ft Mc veterans who have children and grandchildren who have been effected by their parents/grandparents exposure (http://news.streetroots.org/2015/03/27/update-fort-mcclellan-veterans-soldier)

    • Judy, yes when you were at Ft. McClellan you were exposed to several toxic chemicals that gave you several illnesses. Plus the Monsanto Plant dumped waste materials that went into the local drinking water – which the Fort used, in the ground soil, and in the air – which was PCB’s. The PCB’s and other toxic chemicals from Ft. McClellan, plus those taking care of the ground maintenance were using the same chemicals that make Agent Orange to keep the weeds and brush from growing in the training and field areas! The bad byproduct of PCB’s, Agent Orange-like herbicides, and several toxic chemicals is called “dioxin” – research on dioxin and it will tell you that the fatty liver disease, skin conditions, called chloracne (seldom diagnosed as such), anemia, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, infertility, birth defects, and many other medical problems come from that toxic exposure. Google “Dioxins and Fatty Liver disease” or “Dioxins and altered hormonal effects” or “Dioxins and cancers”, or auto-immune diseases. You need to file your claim ASAP. They deny it from the get-go,but you have to appeal. It takes a few years to win, keep a copy of all your claims and papers, the VA is famous for losing the forms you send, when you do win they pay it back to the day you first filed your claim, so be sure to keep that one in a safe place! Google an article written by lawyers who have worked on Fort McClellan cases, it’s called, “The Combined Environmental Exposure Report for Fort McClellan Alabama”prepared by Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD, August 25, 2013. Sorry you and your children are having the medical problems. I’ve been having multiple medical problems and have been working on my claim for nearly 4 years now. I’ve got up to 40% so far, but I am going for 100%! I went through Basic Training at Ft. McClellan from May 12, 1976 to July 7th, 1976. Also, google what is a good “Nexus Letter for a veteran’s claim” and get the necessary papers that tell about the toxic chemicals at Ft. McClellan, give that info to you Doctor and see if he will write you a nexus letter stating that your medical problems have been MORE LIKELY THAN NOT caused by your exposure to toxic chemicals at Fort McClellan. A nexus letter helps you to win your claims. Good Luck!!

  • Wow! Just spoke to an Army Buddy of mine from Alabama who told me about Fort McClellan being closed and that it was a chemical haven for poisonous chemicals close by. I was stationed there for AIT in the Fall of 1976, Military Police Training. I am shocked with all the chemicals listed that we were exposed to. I have had my health issues, but was not aware of all that has happened to many fellow Veterans due to they also being exposed to chemicals on Post. I have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and in 2009 I had it removed. It was 99% full of cancer, at age 51. I also have had neck issues and have had high cholesterol even when I was in the best of shape. I now have some answers, something to pursue, need to file a claim. Upsetting to know that our own government is not taking responsibility for their error of risking our lives in exposing us to these chemicals. Lord, help us, me.

  • In reference to my previous comment. Please send me an e-mail to VetSWhittaker85@gmail.com

  • Were any of you also assigned to Site 59 in Clausen, Germany and/or lived near by?

    • Stationed on site 59 from July 80 to march 82. Developed chronic flushing while there no diagnosis. 6 mos after discharge developed red rash on arms which started a pain syndrome which was not diagnosable saw docs at Nih in Bethesda they assumed I was drug seeking. So have suffered with chronic pain since discharge.Now have high bp and degenerative disc disease.Would like to hear from others who trained at McClellan and stationed at site 59.

    • I was at McClellan for OSUT (Basic/AIT) and ultimately served 3 years at Clausen Site 59 with 330th Ord Co. I’m currently starting my VA claim process, after 2 years of declining health. Site 59 had nerve agents GB and VX. Back then we had no idea what they were truly exposing us to!

  • Just found this site today. I attended [Women’s] Basic from OCT-DEC 1987, and coincidentally live across the street from another female soldier who trained there in 1978. Small world. Even smaller when you consider her multiple health issues which include a fall from great height. Trying to determine what caused what with her is mind boggling. Not really my business, especially since I have had my own health oddities. In 2005 I had treatment for breast cancer, something which was not novel in my family. Discovery in 2008 of a Grade II brain tumor was more interesting because of its rarity. The tumor genetics were “favorable” with respect to me being here nine years since to relate this tale. The pathology of my mutations showed missing pieces of chromosomes and one of the two #10 chromosomes was gone altogether.

    The type of brain tumor I have is slow growing. It is known for being silent for years and even decades before seizures let you know something is going on. The interval from my Basic training to my first seizure was just under 20 years. Something to consider.

    I don’t know if I have the stamina to file a claim with the VA (Feds). I’ve been on SSDI since 2015 but have had to deal with the Health Exchanges before my Medicare kicked in. The struggle with bureaucratic paper is SO-O-O-O draining – I even hate to check my mail anymore.

    I’ll study this site, postings and links you have so kindly compiled before making a decision. I will likely confer with a former co-worker who worked at that Monsanto plant as an organic chemist around the same time I was there. Her respiratory system is so compromised, I always hold my breath until I hear from her. I will also contact my Federal reps with regard to the Registry legislation. We’re all old enough to get some conclusive longitudinal data about whether or not our ailments consistently differ from soldiers who weren’t at Anniston.

    Good luck to you all – Lynn

  • I was stationed at ft McClellan in 1977 I have had many of the same medical issues that I have been reading in the comments of my fellow veterans. I just have no idea no idea how to proceed with addressing these issues with the v.a no.

    • John,
      The Veterans administration has provided us with these instructions on their web page at https://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/fort-mcclellan/

      Veterans who are experiencing health issues that they associate with their service while at Fort McClellan should see their primary care provider or contact their local Environmental Health Coordinator.

      Veterans may also file a claim for disability compensation. VA decides these claims on a case-by-case basis.

      And unfortunately, that means very little in the way of care and compensation. When the EPA and ATSDR evaluate risk due to toxic exposure, they do so with the idea that someone was exposed to chemical x. We were exposed to x, y, z and more – multiple chemical contamination. We are a unique group. Nowhere else on earth had open air chemical weapons testing. Nowhere else can say that it was done within air range of a Monsanto factory known to emit PCBs. Nowhere else had known radiation contamination buried in training areas and the MP barracks and museum. And even if they used the same level of pesticides at McClellan as on other southern location bases, the chemical corps still knew how to create “non-tactical” agent orange and had the chemicals to do it.

      Keep those chemical in mind and then think about what we did. We trained, belly down in the dirt on the range, and lived outdoors. We took off our boots to spit shine them, holding them in our hands for hours. We bathed in and drank the water provided by the City of Anniston. The EPA colluded with Anniston Water Works on the acceptable level of toxins in our drinking water – the town drinking water.

      Some residents sued and settled with Monsanto. Others were ignored. Many are sick; they’ve lost family. But the biggest travesty is that the government knows they exposed us to dangerous toxins and only recently, reluctantly put up a passive web page that says we may have been exposed. Slight chance. Maybe it’s harmful. It’s too expensive to notify everyone, they’ve explained. So it’s up to us to notify them of who we are. Tell your PCP. If you’re not in the VA healthcare system, get a referral to an environmental medicine doctor. There are many websites that explain what happened and what we were exposed to. There are no known treatments but they can address symptoms, function, and help with pain.

      Best of luck,

  • I went in fort mc cllelan on1978 to 1981…..613 fld.service comp…..forscom….l had 21 condition…….include prostata cancer…….l did sumit a recuest to va administration….l dont now how long may body can wait..do you believe……

  • I was stationed at Fort McClellan in 1989. I was there for three years. In 2008 I was diagnosed with skin writing disease after a,series of bizarre rashes and crazy all over body itching. I have been on medicine daily since that time. I also have degenerative disc disease. Could this be related to my time there at headquarters battalion?

    • I too have degenerative disc disease, low thyroid and thyroid not working well, strange erupting skin sores that initially wipe away like a blister but turn into incredibly, crazy-making itchy welts that get calloused and raised. Eye issues, hormone issues, endometriosis, heavy menses, milk from breasts.

      We should gather a group of female former MPs and compare health issues, since the Army is stalling.

      • Was there in 77. Was pregnant with my first child as was discharged due to high risk pregnancy. Went through premature menopause at 30 after going through uterine fibroids. Had stage 3 breast cancer, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, excema that is Cobalt and Chromate related. Thyroid issues, arthritis in my neck and spine. Narrowing of my spine. My skin itches, blisters and oozes if I eat foods high in chromate or cobalt. For those with skin issues, I highly recommend a patch test.

      • I was training at ft mac fall of 85 to 86 have some nervous problems possibly from that now that i read this

      • I have posted here before about my problems so i realize the page significance but also i lost track of a friend from that era her name was carrie coan at the time alpha company 10th battalion if any female mp remembers or knows her my contact is Cannong67@gmail.com thanks

  • So many issues stemming from my service at Ft. McClellan. Neuropathy, disc degeneration in neck and back, rashes, headaches, sleep issues, numb extremities, electrical shock sensations different areas of my body, fibromyalgia, high off the charts cholesterol and triglycerides. The list goes on and on and I’m only 47 years old. I tell the doctor at the VA and he looks at me like I’m from mars. I believe it’s a Systematic lockout for Ft.McClellan Vets to get the treatment they deserve. The VA needs to do what’s right by providing health care and benefits to McClellan Veterans. I’ve recently filed a claim anyway after reading all of these other stories about my brothers and sisters having the exact same symptoms. They poisoned us and we need to hold them accountable for making us very sick and ultimately killing us before our time.

    • I went to MP school with an Ed Kennedy in March of 86 thought it might be you? Let me know would love to get in touch. I also have some crazy medical stuff going on. Thanks for your time

  • I was not stationed here. However, my parents both were.
    I am going to be 29 years old next week, and I have had a number of absolutely devastating health issues, and I’m hoping for answers in my lifetime.

    Syringomyelia (and related, not particularly comforting to see individuals diagnosed with Chiari Malformation on this forum)
    Endometriosis and infertility
    moderate degenerative disc disease
    spinal stenosis
    Congenital heart defect (repaired partially)
    aortic stenosis
    osteoarthritis detected on X-ray at 16
    Undiagnosed and non-Parkinsons tremor. Primarily in my hands and fingers. Balance issues, stammering (these started in mid 2016)
    Bilateral occipital nerve degeneration/damage and screaming pain to go with it
    Insomnia (often no sleep for 2-4 nights in a row)
    Severe migraines
    White matter lesions of the brain, detected after meningitis diagnosis in 2010.
    Now, being objective, some of these issues could have been hereditary and the neurodegeneration that I’m experiencing may not be related, but the more I read, the more I want answers.
    I completed my bachelor’s in 2012 with dreams of doing great things, and I am at this point so completely disabled that I have had to apply for Social Security. The doctor’s appointments and procedures alone account for so much time out of work and so much time in recovery that living the life I envisioned and hoped for is likely not realistic.

    Congenitally short pedicles (not terribly clinically significant, but important as it proves my spinal issues existed before I was born).

    I am most concerned about the neurodegenerative aspect, and would be interested to see if I can find more on diagnosis of Tremor/Neuro issues in Fort Mac veterans or their offspring.

    • I was stationed there and just found out about all of this last night. I have 4 girls with endometriosis and brain lesions, fibromyalgia, migraines. Could not get help because my husband was exposed in VN. They said Mothers had to be exposed to file a claim. Well this is very interesting. I am reopening claims for other issues. The do. Wanted to know if I wanted to be placed on the agent orange registry. I had said no. Now I will tell her yes and bring these articles. I have many symptoms including thyroid, degeneration of discs, neuropathy and HB.

    • I to have syringomyelia, and a number of health issues, including a genetic defect of my red blood cells. AIP Porphyria. There are over 7 different types of Porphyria.

      When were you parents in the service? I was at Ft. McClellan in 1968

      I lucky to have survived to 68 years of age.

      I am interested in finding the surviving children or death of children from parents who were at Ft. McClellan.


  • I trained with 787th mp’s then 82nd Chem school who can I call

    • Same here.. diagnosed CML, diabetes, arthritis degenerate disk disease throughout spine ,non alcoholic liver disease, upper GI colostomy with removal of 20′ intestine,leasions..etc . total loss for words ..

  • My father was stationed there multiple times, and although he appears to be a picture of health, I was born with Arnold-Chiari Malformation, which required brain surgery in 2009. I have terrible pain in my right arm that radiates from my neck. I also have sweating problem (I saw complaints similar to this while scrolling through). He would have needed to be there in 1995 in order for the exposure to have affected my development. I’m just curious if anyone has had children with brain/skeletal issue similar to mine? Spina Bififa, etc??

    • I went through 95C OSUT at Ft. McClellan from November 1978 to February 1979. I have had severe sensitivity to any chemicals or cleaning products, PTSD, depression, enlarged prostate and prostatitis that started in my 30s, severe gastro-intestinal problems (GERD and acid-reflux), ear ringing, lower back problems, headaches, neck stiffness, and diverticulitis. Is there a list of common ailments related to toxic exposure at McClellan that includes any of my medical issues? Thank and good luck to all of you fellow veterans.

  • I was there 1986 for basic. I also have fibromyalgia and lots of spinal issues, mostly in my neck but also two other places, arthritis is severe in my neck and knees. Had a tumor the size of a basketball removed and hystorectomy in 2009.

  • See above

  • I was at ft mac from sept 84 to Jan 85 for 95 B 10th MP battalion, I have had neck surgery, bilateral knee replacements, gall bladder removal and breast cancer….wondering if all of this and the degenerative disc and joint disease are related to my time there…..

    • I was there same dates in C10 and have experienced similar health issues. Contact me here and on Facebook.

    • Teresa, I was at Ft McClellan B Co. 10th MP Battalion Jan 85 – Apr 85. Must have been the class that started right after you finished. Luckily I’ve experienced no issues with my health, but I feel so bad for those who have. Hopefully the US will step up and take care of those who sacrificed so much.

  • I was Stationed At Ft. McClellan Alabama in 1981 for Basic Training and 54B AIT (then NBC) I have a persistent cough and have had radiation Therapy for Vocal Cord Cancer. I am no battling severe teeth problems and another knot has formed in my Neck. I am very concerned about these health issues being related to the chemical exposure.

  • I was there for chemical OSUT in 1998 and have started to develop multiple issues over the last couple of years and became outraged and horrified after I only recently discovered all of this. I wrote to my congressman this morning. I seriously hope something is done for us.

  • I was stationed there in 1982 & 1983 for basic and ait.

    I jave disc degenerative disease. One lower back surgery. Currently being treated at pain management clinic to prolong another lower back surgery and neck surgery.
    Diagnosed with acute pancreatitus.
    Surgery next week ro remove an unexplainable abnormality on my colon. About the size of a grape.

    God bless to all veterans stationed at Fort McClellan. Those who passed before their time due to being stationed there , rest in peace. You too will not be forgotten!

    • MY GOD! I have same thing I just found this sight by accident…i was there same year as YOU

      • Operation Stand Together.
        Look on Facebook.
        Look up Toxic Secrets

  • How would I find out what company or platoon I was in Jan 1970 Ft. McClellan? Also, since women change their names when they marry how would we find others who were stationed with us there?

    • https://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/standard-form-180.html

      The link above will provide you with a SF180 to request your DD214 and 201 file. If you have any travel orders, sometimes other soldiers are listed. To find people you served with, you could try Military.com. They have a “Buddy Finder.” Check Facebook groups. There is a large WAC group (even though you were technically not a WAC, they will welcome you) and several groups devoted to the problems at Fort McClellan. Also, start writing down what you remember of basic training. Sometimes that will trigger other memories. I hope this helps.

  • Did OSUT March 82-July 82 95bravo MP- I’m 56, have had 3 neck surgeries due to degenerative disease. Went through a period where I saw lots of DR’s to include infectious disease DR’s and they could not figure out what was wrong. Just saw these post and now I’m thinking.

    • That’s a nightmare. Ask your doctor/s if this is abnormal in someone your age. Then let your doctors know that you were exposed to chemicals and radiation during military service and ask if they can research whether military exposure could have caused the degeneration. The chemicals that we know of were PCB and TCE. Benzene, arsenic, and chromium were also common there. Radiation (Cesium 137 and Cobalt 60) were found in and around the base, especially in the MP areas. The government acknowledges that we were potentially exposed to small amounts of PCB, TCE, and radiation. We believe that the contamination was greater than “small amounts.” That’s what we are fighting to expose.

    • Mark… I was there late April to July 1983. MOS 95 Bravo. 3rd Platoon. My ailments… Got sick in basic with lack of upper body strength, and a chronic cough that held on for 10 years, migraines and PVCs, heart attack at 46 that required 2 stents on my heart, extremely high blood pressure ( my record was 225/120 the day after I got out of the hospital for chest discomfort they couldn’t find), prematurely white hair around 40 yrs. Old.

      • Then stage 3 prostate cancer summer of 2015, opted for a radical prostatectomy.and osteo arthritisin hands feet and spine with DDD in 3 vertibrae.

  • I have been battling several conditions and just recently found out about the possible toxic exposure. I was stationed at Ft McClellan in 1985 for Basic and MP training. Around 1996 I developed Sarcoidosis. In 2013 I was diagnosed with a rare and deadly autoimmune disorder called Antisynthetase Syndrome. Last fall I discovered I have colorectal cancer. I find it hard to believe that one person can acquire three rare medical conditions without something tying them together. I think that toxic exposure at Ft McClellan might be that link. I plan on filing a claim with the VA and see where it goes.

    • Order your military medical records and 201 file showing you were stationed at Fort McClellan. http://www.military.com/benefits/records-and-forms/requesting-military-personnel-records.html

      Assemble private doctor/hospital records.

      Talk to a Veterans Service Officer about filing an “intent to file” form. It will hold your date for compensation while you gather records. You can also file online. https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/homepage

      It is a long process and most people are denied. The appeals process is even longer. Do not get discouraged. Do not give up. Fort McClellan vets have won compensation for illnesses that they can prove were caused by military service exposure to toxins.

    • Was McClellan only 3 months MP 1988 before an early-out. They worked us hard. I smelled the Chemicals in the Air, but ignored by the Cadre. After reading your post about Sarcoidosis, I think I may have ‘cardiac sarcoidosis’. Also am on Seizure Meds.

  • Was stationed at Fort McClellan for 10 months 1968-1967 2 months chemical equipment repair class 8 months mechanic Impregnation plant. I have had prostrate cancer. Have burning stinging pain in both feet and gallbladder is going to be removed. I was also in Vietnam sprayed by what I think was agent orange airplanes.

    • If you were boots on the ground, you should file for compensation and care for Agent Orange exposure. Prostate cancer is a presumptive Agent Orange disease. Here is the list: http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/conditions/

      If you are a low income veteran, honorably discharged, with 180 days plus of military service and without insurance, the VA can help with medical care.

      Fort McClellan contamination may be the cause of the burning feet but it is more likely AO peripheral neuropathy (ask a medical professional).

      • I was there in 85 at echo company 12th MP battalion for basic only served 90 days I guess this means I am screwed

  • I was there in Feb 1984 BT- AIT 95B MP Charlie Co – Scary $hit I’m reading – Anyone know the senior Drill Sergeant (Rodgers)?

    Remember when you could smoke during basic those were days. Wishing people good luck. So far my health is good – so far – knock on wood.

  • I was there in 1970, had problems in 1970 but just chalked it up to coincidence. Just found out about all this last week 2017. Have Thyroid problem, stomach, cysts on liver and kidneys, degenerative disease, spinal stenosis, knee pain, fibroids, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, diverticulosis, colon polyps, scars in my esophagus, hearing loss, teeth that the fillings don’t stay in, heart condition ischemia, nerve problems, PTSD, vein problems, clotting problems, problems with childbirth with 3 children. Nobody in my family has these problems.

    • Rita, I think you were in my graduating class from Ft. McClellan, in July of 1970. I was sent to Fort Sam Houston for Medic Training. Interestingly, I just found this information , and was 23 when I graduated from boot camp. My health issues were Endometriosis, with total Abd. Hysterectomy, cervical lymph node biopsies while station at Ft. HUACHUCA, many of the condition that you have stated such as Fibromyalgia, degenerative disc diease ( 7 low back), and autoimmune Hashimoto’s Thyroditis . I’m on 200mcg of levothyroxine for the last 20 yrs.

  • FMC WAC Basic Training Jan 1974 – Mar 1974.
    This explains so much.

  • Was stationed at mc clellan 85 86 for basic and ait now age 49 having many weird medical and nerve problems

    • Hi Greg,
      It wouldn’t hurt to let your doctors know that military chemical exposure is a possible reason for these unexplained medical issues. The three major contaminants were TCE, PCB, and radiation. Sal, the founder of Poisoned Veterans, has similar unexplained nerve issues so you are not alone. We are waiting for Congress to introduce and assign bill numbers to several bills that died in committee in the last session. With luck, and a new administration, we remain hopeful that this country will do right by veterans.

      • Adrienne,
        I was there for 16 weeks of military police basic and AIT in 1989. I am now 48 and have had a heart attack and 3 different surgery’s for 6 stints and stage 3 kidney disease. Fatigue severe cramping. are these signs of possible exposure

        • We know that other soldiers who served there have had similar medical problems by a self-reported survey. This is why we are pushing for an investigation to unseal classified documents and to register as a McClellan veteran. You can file for compensation and medical care regardless of where we are in the process of clearing red tape. Talk to a Veterans Service Officer in your area. You may have to go through several until you find someone willing to work for you.

  • Army vet 1974-1982. Stationed at McClellan in 1979 for MP school. 37 years later- experiencing many medical issues- liver lesions, gastro-intestinal problems, fatigue, PTSD. Currently being “treated ?” by VA for these.

    Seeking info on what steps to take- thanks

    • I was at MP school here in 1976.
      I believe it was a 4 week school.
      Was very active with gym/fitness activities.
      I now have RA. Had to have Gall Bladder removed a few years ago. And foot joint pain.

      • Hi Kevin,
        Sorry to hear of your health difficulties. Sal, the founder of Poisoned Veterans, is going to continue the fight for toxic veteran justice and we are hopeful that administration changes will assist in the passage of several bills that will help. The Fort McClellan Healthcare Registry Act and the Toxic Veterans Exposure Research Act are two that will be particularly helpful. I was there in 1978, Sal was there in 1983 (MP school like you). Also, Sal is planning to speak at Operation Stand Together on May 20, 2017 on the National Mall in Washington, DC and has a seat on a VA committee to help push these bills. Hang in there. With any luck and Sal’s dogged persistence, we will get somewhere.

  • I went through basic and AIT at Ft. McClellan Military Police school in 1977-78. I also stumbled on this information while searching the internet on information about where I had trained years ago. Thank God I found this site. It is sad that the goverment didnt make any effort to warn us of possible health problems. I plan to have a good check up to see if there might be anything else wrong with me. I have already had a heart attack that almost killed me. My back is bad and my hearing is poor. Fortunately for me I don’t live in America. I live in the Netherlands where our social health benifits are great. I feel sorry for you that live in America that have to fight for something that should be given to you. It just doesn’t seem fair.

  • I served there in June of 1994 and experience similar problems health wise

  • I was stationed at Fort McClellan from Dec 1981 until May 1986. I was the Security Officer and Security Manager and Instructor at the NBC School. I inspected and secured all sensitive weapons aND agents. I saw and was exposed to agents in bunkers at Pelham Range on Hwy 431 and at the Chem Ranges a on the Fort. There was PCBS and chemical stuff coming from the ground near Sugar loaf gate. I have Diabetes. PTSD.

    • I guarded that same post while in chemical school and I saw the oozing of the brown crap all around those Mounds.

    • Eddie Tucker, I was at Ft McClellan for NBC OSUT Aug 85 – Jan 86. I also served at Clausen Site 59 in Germany for 3 years, and I’m experiencing a myriad of health issues as well.

  • I was stationed at Ft. McClellan, Alabama for WAC basic training in the fall of 1977.
    I believe I was assigned to Bravo Company during this time. I recently found out about the Ft. McClellan toxic exposure, and how many thousands of military men and women are sick, or dying. We did our PT drills in the grass and soil. And, our bivouac site was over flooded from the rains of a nearby river. Not to mention, the chemicals we were exposed to from NBC training in the gas chambers, taking showers, and washing our clothes in the WAC barracks. I have stage 2 breast cancer, and had a double mastectomy (removal of both breasts) in May 2016. I would like to get more information, find out about a possible registry, and what is our government going to do to help us? My maiden name was Gallant when I attended WAC basic training. I remember one our Drill Sergeants by the name of SSG Snyder. Thank you. Here is my personal email: donna.stubblefield5@gmail.com

    • I was at Ft. McClellan for several months in 1969. I also had stage 2 breast cancer which required a double mastectomy. I have chronic neck and back pain, and chronic asthma. Please e-mail me if you have had any success finding more information. I can’t seem to find much.

  • oh this really sucks i had no clue , ive been fighting for my back condition , i stored ammo at mac 55b10 ammo storage specialist 1980.have a shit load of problems.dgd gastreo problem,sleep apnea, osteo my entire back has problems . i injured my back there at mac but because my back is so screwed up now .which i dont know how my discs got sunk because since i was injured there it was only my lower back and i have not injured it again since. va comp says my in service injury pain is not the same pain i have now in the same area but not service connected , denied benefits. im dying of aches and pain . and who knows what else , va wont properly diag . me im poor and cant afford a real doc.i need to find out the truth before i die ,what is killing me.i am currently va comp for my knees 60%.

  • nbc school grad have most of the same problems I just read about thanks unkle sam

  • I was stationed at Fort Mac in 1982 for BCT. I have an autoimmune condition that has left me very ill. Thank you for this post. It gives me hope.

    • Same here. Auto-immune arthritic condition. My hands are practically useless.

      • I was there in 1985 and also have a rare autoimmune disorder. Can I ask what is your diagnosis?

        • Inflammatory polyarthropathy.

    • I was at basic there in 1982 also. Autoimmune disease, lung disease, skin conditions and other issues! Ugh!

      • I was diagnosed with Antisynthetase Syndrome. A rare autoimmune disorder that attacks the lungs in some even rarer cases. What was your diagnosis?

  • I myself spent time there in 95 , probably don’t have a leg to stand on ! Before I received my
    order i received and uncharacterized discharge , I found out I was going to be a father and didnt want to subject them to being restationed and all the moving . Started with back issues, joint problems , 2 shoulder surgeries getting ready for a 3rd extremely high blood pressure and vision that from 20/15 needing glasses within 1 year of time . Thanks Uncle Sam

    • I have started getting information from a congressman McClintock pertaining to HR1769 and HR2622 for us ft mac vets and they are trying to get us vet the help we need

  • 95B OSUT, March 1982 – July 1982

    Disabled at 45 with a myriad of health problems. I don’t doubt McClellan had something to do with it.

    • Hi Irene,
      I cannot agree more. We had to adjust to living within our abilities but that doesn’t mean the limitations we are living with are nothing. I recently read that only 25% of our current youth qualify for military service. We were in above average condition by any measure. I don’t know anyone who can say that now, not among the FMC veterans.

      • We only had one “jelly doughnut” in our entire company. I see now that they are trying to recruit high school athletes.

        I worry about the safety of our country considering the pool that our military draws from.

        • I worry more about the pool that our government draws from. Sal is doing his best to get elected to Congress. If an outsider, non-politician has a chance, he will get there. I know that once he is elected (hopefully speaking), he will bring a few truths to the Hill about how some of our veterans are being treated by the VA hospital system and comp & pen system.

    • I was in ft McClellan from July 79 to dec 79 for osut 95 b and now I have diabetes, Ménière’s disease , Charcot joint disease , diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts , I was just denied va disability , this will be the basis of my appeal

  • Hello everyone, my name is Johnny. Even though I never served at Fort McClellan, I too suffer a lot of illnesses. I was actually born on the base, in there hospital. While my father was the one that was serving his country and stationed there, it was also home for my two sisters and pregnant mom. Yes, she was carrying me while taking in all of the toxic material. I now suffer from fibromyalgia, CMT disease, severe headaches, degenerative disk in my neck, and many other illnesses. My entire family suffers because of the toxins. Here it is the year of 2016 and still the government has not concern for what they did. I remember when I was young, that I was very proud to have been born at Fort McClellan. While still proud of my father for serving his country, I’m no longer proud of were I come from…

    • (posting for Sal Caiozzo)
      Thank you for writing, Johnny.

      We are 100% behind HR 1769 and S 901 which would investigate illnesses of the children of toxic soldiers, like your dad. He is a hero. We expect both bills to pass. Perhaps, then, our kids, you and your sisters will be eligible for health care and compensation. https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/1769 (the senate bill is a duplicate bill that makes it easier for both houses to pass the bill).

      There is a tipping point for everyone… the town of Anniston doesn’t want the “Toxic Town” reputation because jobs are important. They lost a thriving economy when the Army pulled out. But they are also concerned that they, their children, and the community at large are still being exposed to contamination. I talked to residents, former soldiers, those present serving in the Alabama National Guard, Homeland Security, and others still training there in 2014 as a Veterans News Radio host.

      Most of the residents were not compensated for their PCB illnesses. The few who were were poorly compensated and most of the residents believe that the settlement with Monsanto was only a benefit to the lawyers. The community health clinic is understaffed and of little use. Clearly, change is needed.

      Still hidden, are the many health repercussions of PCB exposure. No one is addressing their issues and we stand with you and your community.

      In addition to the Monsanto byproducts dispersed into the air, water, and soil, there exists the contamination by the US Army.

      I am currently exploring a run for Congress in my home state of Rhode Island. If elected by the people, I will have unprecedented access to the system that has locked us out. Stay tuned for more on that! Maybe, together, we can finally obtain justice.


    • I was too born on base and have had some health issues. My father who was stationed at fort Mac is very sick.

  • At http://www.azveteransconnection.org there is a study called Combined Environmental Exposure Report Aug. 25 , 2013 It show the chem. compounds people were exposed to. Monsanto knew of the problem in 1966 , after a Univ. of Miss. study that they requested. The base had M.P. working dogs die for unexplained reasons and treatment to there feet for blisters . Which were akin to a blister agent . Chem. were releaser to fire that was allowed to burn out. The trees in the area died. 60 MIn . called Anniston the ” Most toxic city on the planet ” .

    • (posting for Sal Caiozzo)
      Thank you for the information, James.

      I wish I could upload the report but it appears to be the work product of a law firm. I have heard veterans who worked with the dogs and one report of this from the widow of a vet. I believe the conclusion of some of those talks is that the field on which the dogs were trained was a former mustard and/or lewisite test site.

      When I went to Fort McClellan in 2014, I talked with the dog training academy that is still on base. They were happy to hear that someone was looking into the allegations of chemical and radiological exposure. In fact, every person I met on that trip, with one exception, remains concerned.

      Thank you for sharing your info.


      • John, to start with your filing a claim, get a list of your medical diseases and go to your local Veteran’s Service Officer, sometimes in the Court House, or they can tell you where he is located, and it is his job to help your file your claim, and fax it to your Veteran’s Benefits Administration, where it goes to get granted or denied, then after you get a denial, you file an appeal, he can help you with that, too. You will want to do a lot of researching about Ft. McClellan and the toxic chemicals and dioxins you were exposed to so you will know what you are up against. Many articles are written to favor the Gov’t and say we were not harmed by any toxins anywhere, then you find other scientific information that shows that we were exposed. Just like the Gov’t told those soldiers in Vietnam, that Agent Orange was perfectly safe and would not cause them any harm, and the planes flew over top of them and sprayed them with that toxic herbicide! Now, many years later the Gov’t admits they were poisoned and is paying them compensation and treating their many diseases. Dioxin takes many years to have cancers and some diseases to manifest, some may not take as long, but it causes a slow-dying in its victims. By the way, keep copies of all your papers and forms you send to the VA (VBA), they will lose copies often! To explain, the VA is divided into 2 parts, the VBA – Veterans Benefits Administration, and the VHA – Veteran’s Health Administration. The VHA cannot refuse to treat you when you are sick. Go to the VA Emergency Room to get a start, request to get a Primary Care Physician, see your Patient Advocate to help. If you have the VHA for your health care, then you do not have to pay for other Health Insurance. And, you do not have to pay for Medicare if you get your medical care taken care of at the VA. I have had problems at the Social Security office insisting that I have to pay for Medicare insurance, even though I am using the VA Clinic and VA Hospital. They are lying if they tell you that you must buy Medicare, if you have your health care provided by the VA, then you do not have to pay for Medicare. They just want to take your money! If the VA sets up an appointment for you to go see a Doctor that is closer to your address (in a hospital or clinic other than the VA), then they pay for it, you are not charged. If you have an emergency and you have to get to a hospital quick, go to your local hospital ER (if you live more than 40 miles from the VA hospital), give them your VA information so they can bill the VA. Once your hospital bill has been paid for by the VA it is considered “Paid in Full” and they are not to send you a bill. If they send you a bill, let them know that when it is paid by the Gov’t it is paid in full. Just throw the bill from the local hospital in the trash. I hope this has been helpful. Good Luck!

      • google the article: “COMBINED ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURE REPORT FOR FORT MCCLELLAN ALABAMA” prepared by Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD, August 25, 2013.

        • Thank you, Priscilla.

          I have a copy of the Chisholm law firm report. Thank you for bringing it up. It hasn’t changed since I first saw it which leads me to believe that they have done nothing except gather a bit of information. Their data lacks a solid nexus from exposure to medical condition.

          I would expect something like “Soldiers from Charlie Company regularly marched through Alpha Field where mustard gas was tested. Mustard gas byproducts persist in the environment and were shown to be present in (year of testing). Soldiers handled their boots to ready them for inspection transferring the chemical residue to their hands. Mustard gas residue is known to cause x, y, and z medical conditions that manifest ~30 years later. Medical records submitted show this veteran served at Fort McClellan in Charlie Company and has x, y, and z conditions. Medical Doctor states that it is more likely than not…”

          We haven’t seen any positive results from CCK, regrettably.

  • I did BT at Fort McClellan in 1977. During bivouac we were camped by a stream which flooded that first night. Basically we were lying in every chemical known to be in the river that flows through that post for several hours. The rain was so hard that night I know I was not the only WAC sleeping in 3-4 inches of creek/river water.

    The next day went as usual but I felt different, light headed and dizzy. We were told to bath in our helmets using the river/creek water if needed or we could jog down to the old shower house but it did not have any hot water. After laying in creek water i went to the shower house and showered hoping I would feel better. Drying off I smelled the water on me and it had a strong chemical smell along with grains of black dust. Outside I walked around the tiny building to see a pipe with a small water pump going straight into the river back to the shower house. So I bathed straight from the creek/river, and still smelled the same as the night before. Oh well, I thought, everyone here smells the same so what the hell?

    Hiking out later all I recall is feeling dizzy. I have no clue how many hours or days I was out-but I woke up in my bunk bed wrapped in several Army Wool blankets. DS asked me if I felt better I said I will be ok. Hell I was supposed to be a soldier surely I could handle a little flue bug I thought. Being the Squad Leader I just sucked it up and went on. The days that followed were foggy as I suffered through nose bleeds and severe stomach cramps.

    When my family wrote they would be there to see me graduate I was shocked. I barely have memories of the end of BT. I see photos of myself but my skin was blotchy and pale and I had lost 10 more pounds by graduation. I know for a fact that I did not make the final run for the DS had put someone in my place since I still had nose bleeds. Yet still I graduated. I thought I had bumped my head or something and like I was in a dream with all the activity going on around me but somehow I stood still and watched it all happen.

    When the DOD,DOJ investigation reports came out online I recognized one area that they called “previous bivouac site-by a river/creek”- I forgot the # they referenced- I think it was #38 or #72 for some reason. In the final report it was noted the area had an old grown over shower house-no longer active with signs around marked along with a newly concrete pad poured. I know this is where I showered and got sick. I am just not sure I can ever point out the exact # area for my VA claims, or if it even matters.

    If anyone knows the place I am talking about please msg me. I know my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis came from that area or while on the firing range at Pelham Range. But that is also a story for another day. So far no maps look familiar to me but being it was over 35 years I am surprised I have any memory at all these days. I found out in 2010-2011 about Fort Mac being Toxic. I just hate so many have or still are so very sick with similar illnesses that CANNOT be coincidental between thousands of soldiers. They screwed us for life-or better yet, they killed us a slow painful death I wouldn’t wish on our enemies. God help us all.

    • I was there basic training 1982 ft McClellan.
      Woke up one morning after bivouc flooding.
      Was paralyzed and could not walk.
      I have auto immune
      Been sick for 25 years.
      My doctor kept asking me stuff.
      Finally clicked just now.

  • I did OSUT there also 95B in March 82-July 82,Just saw this site (actually a you tube video linked me) last nite.After reading and watching i was shocked at all the symptoms we all share.I have some memory loss,frequent headaches,Anxiety,High blood pressure,Arthritis,Degenerative disks in my neck and upper back,Chronic bronchitis,Abnormal EKG (but no heart problems showed after an echo cardiogram)Ear ringing,elevated white blood cell count.Most of this started to appear about 10 years ago,im 52 now was 19 in 82.I chocked most of it up to aging…..Not so sure anymore.

  • I was stationed There in 1982 For Basic Training. I have developed Type 2 Diabetes, Had a Heart attack @ age 39 and now have 22 stents. This March I had a Tumor removed from the center of my chest the size of a Golf ball. What’s next?

  • I was in Basic in 86 at Ft McClellan following problems diagnosed…from then to current…
    Mental delusions in 89
    Heart problems in 92
    running naked through town in 98 in newspaper article
    hospitalized 3 times for mental stress from 98 to 2000
    Then the pain begins and documented medical records
    Gout 98 started with big toe but became worse hitting everywhere
    Advanced degenerative disc disease 2004
    advanced degenerative joint disease 2008
    Heart skipping beats 20??
    Ringing in ears
    Thyroid problem
    Fatigue-headaches-memory loss
    and seeing my general practitioner today 4-15-2016 after general labs I was now referred to a Hematologist at a cancer institute for further blood test.

    Now bare in mind this is dating back to 3 years after BT and all Dr’s I have seen was not from VA as I have never gone through VA and had just found out about this Ft. McClellan stuff a week ago I am on Disability through SSI and think it can all be linked to me being at Ft McClellan after seeing all the other post.. Im only 48 and problems started in my 20’s

    • Anthony,
      My condolences. We joined the military to serve our country. Any one of us would have given our lives. What the DOD and VA refuse to acknowledge is that we are still giving our lives, piece by piece, disability by disability.

      Let your docs know that you were exposed to toxins in the military. It is impossible for you to not have been exposed if you breathed the air, bathed, drank water, ate food, lived in the barracks, and washed your clothing on base.

      The hematology visit sounds serious. Will you let us know how you fare?

      Wishing you better health in the future,

    • Hello my name is Darren Brock I too was at Fort McClellan from April 84 to August of 84 my wife accidentally discovered the issues about Fort McClellan when she was trying to look up my military history when I left Fort McClellan I went to Sierra Army Depot in Herlong California with the 980th MP Company shortly after arriving in California I begin to have hives and rashes show up on my body I was sent to the Presidio to have allergy testing done and they could find nothing wrong with me they gave me some medication for the hives and stuff and sent me on my way this continued on until I PCS to Panama to the 534th MP Company combat support at Fort Clayton eventually the stuff went away nothing else was thought about it fast forward to fast forward to 2012 is when my wife discovered the issues about Fort McClellan my wife kept pushing me to go to the VA I hadn’t been to the VA and honestly I didn’t want to go I know the VA is not part of the army that whole different department at it but it is part of the government Igo and I get screen for PTSD score on the severe side of PTSD according to the VA told him I wasn’t in combat and they told me it didn’t matter it was the type of job that you did in the military being an MP not to mention being in Panama there was an incident that occurred in California but I have huge memory issues with but now that I think about it it may be because of Fort McClellan and Sierra Army Depo cuz I just recently discovered that they were doing open-pit burning at Sierra Army Depot of all kind of heavy metals Sierra Army Depot was a nuclear storage facility and a facility that disposed of depleted uranium rounds tanks they disposed of almost a million pounds of Ordnance and heavy metals a day for over 30 years there’s a lawsuit as of 2014 up before the Supreme Court about Sierra Army Depot and the poisoning they did to the civilian communities in the area so far I’ve been diagnosed with disc degenerative disease type 2 diabetes yeah the doctor told me you did the electrical testing on my extremities to determine how much neuropathy I had he said my body was that of a 90 year old man at that time I was only 52 years old the same doctor asked me had I been exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam and I told him no I was not in Vietnam I miss that my father 6 years he told me that it looks like you may have been exposed to Agent Orange and that’s when I told him that I was at Fort McClellan and there are agent orange exposure issues about being there he told me to go file a claim I did it got denied anywhere you look across the internet where agent orange was stored in the United States Fort McClellan is not on the list yet in 2008 they approved the claim by veteran who was stationed at Fort McClellan for agent orange exposure he was one of the first veterans who won a agent orange exposure based on exposure in the United States I also had my thyroid removed two years ago this coming January the technicians that were doing the ultrasound on my thyroid ask me were you exposed to ionize radiation because your thyroid has so many miles on it it’s best to remove it then to try to biopsy all of them I have not said anything to him about Fort McClellan to Sierra Army Depot and then when I told him that I may have been it’s unusual not really unusual but these people at the VA knows what’s going on and they don’t want to admit it I contact my Senator here in Arkansas and my representative asking them to support HR 411 I’ve been doing this for 3 years I have not gotten a response back from them my neuropathy is so severe now that I’m walking with a cane I fall at least once a week because my legs go completely numb I can’t get back up once I have fallen so I don’t go out much when I do go out I have to have somebody with me that can help me up if this continues I’ll be on a walker if not in a wheelchair if the VA continues to deny even if they put the information on their website about Fort McClellan they still deny we served our country willingly without hesitation without question not looking for handouts not looking for anything except to live our lives as everyone else does and can you know in basic training the drill sergeant they have you in a room and they ask you who here is willing to give their lives for their country of course we all raise their hands and he shouted at us no your job is to make that other son of a bitch give his life for his country not knowing as young soldiers our country had already taken our lives and we you’re already dead already our lives would never be the same
      I see a mental health therapist every month for my PTSD and depression I have chronic pain I have nightmares memory loss I can’t sleep when I’m alone the flashbacks I’m crying as I say these words because of the pain the heartache the loss of my life the loss of my children’s lives this is not the life I was meant to live and these son of a bitches set up there until I see if you can’t balance a checkbook you’re not fit to own a weapon the VA handing over our personal files to the FBI meanwhile chuckling behind are box collecting hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in bonuses smiling in our faces and telling us thank you for your service to our country
      I’m using text-to-speech I apologize if it looks jumbled I’m on my phone very hard to proofread because it’s so small I hope I made sense sorry to have dumped all this I can’t at the VA they would have locked me up everytime I talk to the therapist or the mental health doctor when I first started going to see them he was threatened to have me locked up in the psych ward so I can’t get it out really thanks for listening hope I didn’t bore you like they taught us “pray for peace prepare for war” I think we should take that to heart when it comes to dealing with the VA

      • Darron,
        You sure fit the model of what we are experiencing 20, 30 years after service at Fort McClellan. The HR bill number has changed. It is HR 2622. Briefly, the bill number changes every time it is reintroduced to congress (it will change again in Jan 2017). Please tune into Veterans News Radio. It is out of Rhode Island but available on youtube shortly after broadcast. If you sign up for notifications of new shows, it’s easier to listen.

        We have to fight to be recognized. A registry will only help them collect data on us. We need medical care now and the VA has the power to help us without a registry and bill. That’s why we are going to Washington and meeting with congress and the VA.

        We may never know what hit us: radiation, PCBs, TCE, benzene, vinyl chloride, lead, asbestos …. it’s a long, long list of toxins. Parts of the former Fort McClellan will never be clean enough for human habitation. And even though some of the people of Anniston, Alabama (home of Fort McClellan) received some compensation for PCB poisoning from Monsanto/Solutia, many more are sick. Their children are suffering too. Their community clinic is understaffed and unprepared to deal with the havoc that the town endured from both Monsanto and the US Army at Fort McClellan. We care about their health problems as well. Many of our family members were housed off base. We all had leave time that was spent in town, even toward the end of basic training.

        Thank you for sharing your story. I know it is hard to talk about, especially since the VA has determined we are all crazy. Doesn’t that make their job easier, if they don’t have to take us seriously. Hang in there. If you can, spread the word about our cause.


  • I attended Ft Mac for BT and AIT, I was a 95B MP, I was a “split option” so I was there in 91′ and again in 92′. I just returned from a trip to Florida back to Arkansas and stopped in Aniston for gas. I was telling my wife about Ft. Mac and was showing her pics of the ghost town it is today, then I stumble across this site and and the fact I may have been exposed to toxic material. I do occasionally have joint pain (I still lift heavy in gym thought maybe it was from that) and memory loss but just figured it’s me getting older, I will be 42 this year. I have not noticed anything to crazy health wise involving me or my children but I will be paying close attention. Now having said that my wife has neuropathy, and numerous other health issues including fibromyalgia, joint pain, vitiligo, gull bladder has been removed. She was extremely healthy when I met her and has no family history of these conditions. My question is could I have contaminated her??

  • Omg! I can’t believe I’ve stumbled across this site. I am a 54 yr. old female who did Basic and MP AIT at Ft. McClellan from April thru August 1980. I’ve had many female, skeletal, digestive and psychological problems that all seemed to climax right around when I turned 40. I never considered that they were in any way connected because I saw so many different doctors for each condition. If these ailments were caused by my having been stationed there for only five months of training, I feel really bad for people (GIs and their families), who were there for their permanent duty station.

  • I am sick. I am 47 and can’t remember anything. I have tremors. I have spells where I don’t remember anything. I want to thank my wife for helping me through these hard times.

    • You must have been a good husband through the years. Hang in there. I hope Sal can still make it to DC to tell your story and the story of others who posted here. We are long past the time for internet petitions and facebook groups. We need commitments and action.

  • I am a Toxic Veteran Exposed to deadly chemicals directly from Fort McClellan, Alabama while going through basic training in the 70’s.
    There are literally hundreds of thousands of us dying from this government known exposure with absolutely NO help from anyone in Washington, DC.

    The VA has acknowledged this exposure-yet continues to deny all VA claims to date.
    For anyone in need of further information send your comments to this web site and you will get a response.

    Thank you for creating this site and updating those of us that signed a blank check to this country just to discover our government knew about the deadly toxins that contaminated every single soldier that entered the gates of Fort McClellan, Alabama since 1932-to date.

    I challenge each and everyone reading this to donate anything you can to this non-profit organization so that their endless efforts may continue to fight for the rights of poisoned Veterans everywhere. This organization has taken their own personal funds to stand before Congress and the VA literally hundreds of times and still continue these efforts today of behalf of every Veterans past, present and future.

    Someone has to stand up and fight for us. Poisoned Veterans.org is the epitomy of that standard. They spend every waking moment fighting for all Veterans. If you need to know more-just ask anyone here-they will tell you the integrity of this organization is unquestionable in it’s Mission for us all. Please consider the cost of what this support could and does cost them to stand up and speak to Washington, the VA, and defend those of us so sick we cannot do it ourselves. Please donate to help anyway, any amount possible to keep this fight going. Great progress has been made-but Veterans need action from our government and that does not come free.

    You gave this government your promise to defend this great country and I thank you for your dedicated service. Can you spare the cost of a coffee each day to help Poisoned Veterans.org.? If so- please donate, if you cannot-God Bless you brothers and sisters for all you do for us all. Thank you.

  • I was stationed at Fort MCClellan AUG 1979-NOV1979. Anyone else there at that time can contact me .MrnMrsC2003@verizon.net

  • MP school 1987-1988
    Fibromyalgia/ bleeding bladder
    chronic fatigue

  • I was at ft McClellan Alabama December 1979 for two months for basic and mp training. approx.33-34 years later I have neuropathy in both feet a year later my writing hand is so unstable I cannot even write a letter much less fill out a job application. I use to have beautiful penmanship. I lost my job because of this condition. there is no cure for neuropathy so says a state doctor. I am angry that the govt knew this site was toxic and allowed many training cycles go through anyway. now for all who have children these toxins may be in your D N A and may be passed on to your offspring. Monsanto / changed their name to Solutia should also be brought into litigation as a responseable party. vets went into town to drink water food made with water a breath in pcbs .

  • Basically, veterans who were stationed at Ft. McClellan between the years of 1935 through 1999 were exposed to toxic chemicals. This registry would make it possible for veterans to receive the health care they need for illnesses acquired while serving their nation.

  • I was a child of a Senior Drill Instructor at Fort McCellan from 1975-80. I went to 6th grade there. I would work at the Fort PX and gas station as a teenager.Played sports and shopped on post. I went to McCellan on Active Duty as my Company’s NBC Officer in 1991 with my NBC Sgt. I was in MOPP gear,but exposed to live Sarin agents. With in a year I was at Walter Reid complaining of massive headaches,anger,rage. Scan of my head showed a brain tumor. I was then retired disabled from the Army 30% with a brain tumor,hypothyriodism(never had that),skin cancer(4x surgeries) and high blood pressure. My elder brother who is still Active Duty appeared to have a massive heart attack one day at Fort Bragg. The doctors discovered a massive tumor over his heart.He had open heart surgery.The tumor turned out to be Non-Hodgkins Cancer. He had follow on Chemo and Radiation Treatment.No history in our family of Non-Hodgkins,High Blood Pressure or any thyroid disease. When my father died of a heart attack in 2010, the VA increased my mother’s widow’s benefits because they said my father had been exposed to Agent Orange. I thought it was from his Vietnam War days but it turns out the VA said it was from Fort McCellan days. So if he was exposed, our whole family was and countless thousands of other families,soldiers,sailors,airman,Marines who trained for MP,Chemical and WAC. I suffered through the years with fragile teeth,exhaustion,and the stuff I got my 30% for. God Bless All of Ye. Vengeance is Mine saidth the Lord!

    • Douglas,
      Douglas Kallerson,
      Firstly I want to say your comment above touched my heart for all that you and your family have gone through. I agree completely that everyone that walked through any gates at Fort McClellan were contaminated. This is precisely why this site was created.

      I think you would be a great guest speaker for the VETERANS NEWS RADIO show that the founder and CEO of this site (Poisoned Veterans.org), Sal Caiozzo is a host. If you are interested please contact us in a message at the bottom of this page/site- or you can email us here : info@poisonedveterans.org.

      If you have a Facebook page- we also have an additional site on Facebook and you can send us a message to this address: http://www.facebook.com/Poisoned-Veterans-1980534552085472.
      The Radio Broadcast at VETERANS NEWS RADIO is listed at 1380 AM WNRI. It is a LIVE streaming show heard all over the world and a nationally syndicated radio show. I am the host for the Facebook page for poisoned veterans and would be happy to talk to you more about this. Please contact us at either location. Prayers for you and your family sir.

  • Hello, I was stationed there for two years in 94-96. I just found out about this exposure and it will explained my hundreds of visits to doctors trying to find out why I feel the way I feel.
    Like many of you, I have several back issues, arthritis, depression, anxiety, joint pain, headaches, stomach problems. I have been feeling worse since I turned 40.

    This explains why my ex wife develop breast cancer, she had both breast removed. I have to call her and let her know. I am going to spread the word around. While looking for information I stumbled with this lawyers website, I read someone asking about lawyers.

    Take care



  • I served in military police school from August 7, 1984 to December 15, 1984. For years Beginning In my early 20s right after I left Fort Mac I’ve been having Short Term Memory issues and it just has gotten worse with age and TBII from two deployments. I also suffer from degenerative arthritis throughout my body my neck and back, and degenerative disk disease the list goes on…I am perplexed by what happened at Fort Mac because I just found out the other day. I’m wondering if my neurological issues have to do with exposure to some kind of nerve agent or even plutonium or depleted uranium Or all of the above? I agree with SFC Yvonne Robinson Monsanto should be sued by all veterans that trained and live at Fort MAC if the Government Won’t pass a bill so we can get diagnosed and treated at the VA. Just food for thought we should pursue the lawyers that won the case for Aniston and use them for our class action lawsuit, they better than any other lawyer would know what to do and how to do it.

  • 54B A-82nd Chem BN 2nd to last cycle 1998 OSUT. 40 percent rated service connected. Have all the conditions. I just want to say I am grateful for everything and still pursuing the 100 percent I was advised to pursue 12 years ago. It took a long time to be awarded the 40 percent rating. As a member of the Chemical Corps, I know first hand the exposure we must endure, thus every soldier and officer has a right to pursue their claims. I will be praying for everyone and their families as time progresses. I wish everyone the best. Never cease to be all that you can be, change can happen.

    • Miraglia, I think I went to basic with you, in the same platoon, July 98-December 98 OSUT. Were you in 1st Platoon Regulators, with Drill Sergeant Galloway, Drill SGT Washington, and Drill SGT Harrison? So far, I haven’t had anything peculiar happen to me. However, several years ago I read a long PDF report on the toxins and poisons of McClellan, and we may also have been exposed.

  • I was at McClellan for basic & AIT, May 1985 to Sept. 1985. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, although I had none of the health history to justify that diagnosis. Upon informing me of this, my doctor immediately asked me if I had ever been exposed to toxic chemicals while in the military. I told him, “not that I know of”. He said he asked because that was the only thing that he could see that would explain my diagnosis. By coincidence, I stumbled across a post on Facebook yesterday, regarding the toxic situation at Ft. McClellan. Now it is starting to make sense. I am now hoping to find someone, something that will allow me to fight for myself, as well as other vets who got screwed by this thing. If anyone knows of a proactive way I can get involved, please let me know. My email is 2akers@att.net

    • Aug 85 to Dec 85 I friend requested you on FB

  • I did basic and m.p.school there in 1982 and was assigned to the M.P. company on post from May of 84 until july of 85, I was a game warden for the last 6 months or so and spent a lot of time at Pelham range. Heart attack at age 48 joint pain and nerve pain in my legs

  • Station at site 59 from 80- 82 chronic undiagnosable pain would like to talk 678-451-9658

    • Please leave us a message below if you have not received a call back as requested in your comments on Feb 5, 2015.

  • Completed BT / AIT in 92, SRT and SRT M/O in 93, MPI in 93, CAPIT and DiVIT in 94. All and all, I was stationed probably a year at Ft. McClellan. I got out in 2000 and within a month I had my first surgery, a lumbar laminectomy in which they removed my fifth disc. I have had problems with my back since then and often go to a chiropractor to seek treatment. I am only 47. Are you telling me this could all be service related?

  • I am an Army Military Police Veteran who served approximately 10 years active duty. I attended Basic/AIT OSUT at Fort McClellan, AL (Jan 1994). where I was exposted to the toxins. I have since experienced several medical issues that the doctors have had difficulty determining a cause for. The first being Psuedo Tumor Cerebri which almost caused me to become permanently blind. Then followed a RT breast lumpectomy to remove a cyst the size of a tennis ball, followed by severe dental issues even with extensive dental hygiene as well as dental visits. Most recent incidents (still a major issue in my life) was the development of several thyroid nodules, one of which was 4 cm. Feb 2013 I had to have these nodules (benign) removed as well as 3/4 of my thyroid. Since the surgery I have become hypo and can’t seem to get a good control on my weight, mood, sleep, and countless other issues that go hand in hand with hypothyroidism.

  • i was there nov. 1987-feb. of 1988, i was discharged for Ray-nods phenomenon witch was the onset of exposure 9 yrs later testicular cancer, then skull infection, sleep apthena, screwed up disks in back, they just found a mass in my lungs and a whole list of other crap, I WANT OUR GOVERNMENT / MONSANTO to pay for fuckin me over and my children and my grandchildren. they need to pay up NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Forgot to add chronic fatigue and sterility

  • I just found out about this from another Facebook page. Did AIT there in 87-88. I was a 54b…Chemical Operations Specialist. So from here I find out that not only did I go through LIVE nerve agent training, but my buddies and I were all expose to all this other crap!
    I guess this explains the:
    Degenerative disc disease
    Spinal stenosis
    Joint pain
    Massive unexplained tooth loss.

  • I went through basic there in July 1981 went back for my first duty station in Nov. 1981 was there 18 months went back in 1985 for NBC training for the Tennessee National Guard. Just found out about this. What is the latest?

  • I was in 95B 2nd Platoon from the late July to mid November. The last 3.5 years have been the worst. Total Hystereectomy, Bilateral Ureteral reimplantation w/Psoas Hitch. Dx with Hashimotos, Narcolepsy w/Cataplexy, RLS, Fibromyalgia, Sicca Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, Carpal Tunnel in both hands, Hypotension, anemia, Peripheral and Autonomic Neuropathy, Vitamin D deficiency…..no one else in my entire family has an autoimmune disease, never mind multiples; and I have a huge family. I am only 47 and I can no longer work. This is not a coincidence.

  • I was station at Ft. McClellan from Sept 1982 for Basic Training and AIT Military Police School. I had prostate problems that almost killed me I was on Cipro for a year! I have degenerative discs and really bad joint pain inu knees especially, I am also a Type 2 diabetic. my daughters suffer from female reproductive problems and youngest has Copd. And a long list of health issues. I even wonder iffy wife’s fibromyalgia was caused by my seminal fluid, sounds crazy but not impossible. I have also had bouts of depression

  • 95 B12 1983-84 I am completely in shock not just for all my issues but for my kids. Did anyone else get the weird “cattle truck ride with a mask on ” to a secluded place in the hills not the regular hospital” told after I passed out on range lying in water that I had URI and I was put in this weird quarantine place and suffered with severe pain and was woke up every couple of hrs and given little white pills . I was there for two weeks !

  • Now I know where my cancer came from, FT MAC. Thank God I am still alive.

  • MP School/ AIT 1981 at Ft. McClellan, go figure, vets being victimized by the government AGAIN!!!! Degenerative disc disease, hypertension, prostate cancer, arthritis, constant joint and muscle pain, headaches, and dizziness, no energy and unable to focus….

  • I was stationed at Ft. Mac in 1966-67 with the WACS. We never heard anything about this. I haven’t had any unusual problems but my son was born with hearing loss and has suffered with mental/psychiatric problems all his life. He is currently in a secure facility in California.

  • My question is a bit different but along the same lines, unfortunately, I am investigating for my deceased father that I know was stationed in the army and honorably discharged due to health issues he suffered from while in Vietnam (I’m thinkink exposure to agent orange) as he died in 1985 from small cell cancer all over his body…… my question is how on earth can I get information related to were he was stationed (such as this poisonous base) ect…. my mother has also since passed away and there really isn’t anyone else to ask? But I am very interested in making Monsanto pay for the missing father walking me down the isle at my wedding, at the births of my children and a million of other events…. this greedy corporation robbed my children, my siblings and myself of this precious man in our lives!

    I know this is a little different then most comments on here but I honestly dont know were else to turn or start? Thanks if for nothing else then taking the time to read my post. GOD bless you all and thank you! 🙂

  • I was stationed at FT MAC in 1982 for basic and ait in the chemical corps have had back problems for years but of course that is all in my head because nobody can seem to find anything wrong. most mornings I need help climbing out of bed. arms and shoulders hurt so bad I have trouble picking up something as simple as a cup of coffee hips knees and ankles hurt all of the time

  • I was in the first class in 1977 of joint Basic and AIT. I have pictures of the sick workers that were still building the remaining facilities for the MP school. All the Drill Sergeant’s knew something was wrong. It rained and their were rainbow’s on the rain water. I going to stop not it’s making me think

  • I was at Ft Mac in 1992. While there I had 2 stress fractures in both feet. In 09 I broke my right foot. It gets worse. In 2009 and 2010 I had cervical fusions and have serious joint pain all over. I’ve been diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease but by neurologist cannot understand my having the issues I have at this age. He asked me if I had been in a wreck or around chemicals and I answered no. I was not aware of the exposures I had at Ft. Mac. Where do I file a claim? I am unable to work and stuck taking pain pills the rest of my life. I need help and if this is the answer my neurologist was looking for, I need to address and file a claim.

    • Smith, I was there in 92 also and am having some issues. I’m sorry to hear what you are going thru. I know this post is 4yrs old. Hopefully, you gotten your claim by now and doing better. I’m wondering if I know you. Do you remember Rainey? Please tell me it’s you! If not, I still wish you the best!!!

  • I was at fort Mac 1986-87 in Echo Co as I have gotten older my symptoms are getting worse I have severe stiffening in my back stomach cramps and such bad tremors in my legs and arms it causes me to fall then my heart becomes very rapid and my wife tells me my color goes to a nasty shade of grey, my gall bladder has also been removed, my tremors were many years being investigated finally I was told they are orthostatic tremors and there is no cure which also affects my motor skills, does any one else have these sort of symptoms?

  • Was 17 wen I enlisted in August 1981and after the basic training went to the Chemical School in the same yera .
    I graduated as a 54E10 Specialist.
    There I trained with all kinds of chemical agents and radioactive material. I have skin problems that look like psoriasis and some others that do not heal.
    Sory for my english; I’am from Puerto Rico.

  • I was at Ft. Mac two different summers for OSUT and have now started to have different problems causing me to be hospitalized on 3 different occasions for bleeding internally and they can’t find the bleed. It starts and then they say they can’t find anything. It just seems to stop..Had 3 units in the E.R. and then 3 more slowly on the Admit. Floor, then sent home not knowing what happened…

  • 82nd chem batt 54B 88

    I survived brain and heart surgery and self advocating to 7 service connected, ptsd for 70%

    I have all the issues and more

    I need to know what to tell my civilian doctors and dentist

    • Have them test you for heavy metal toxicity.

  • I did AIT MP school there in 1976, since then I started with high blood pressure while in the Army. In 1978 I was transferred to Germany to a weapons storage site 59, in the area around Clausen. There we guarded nerve gas in 155 howitzer shells. There were always leakers and we were exposed to these chemicals when doing bunker checks. I suffer from fibromyalgia, atrial fibrillation, chronic pain, severe degenerative arthritis in my joints, depression and went out of work in 2009. Are my symptoms and diseases similar to others who were stationed at Ft. McClellan?

    • Rick, I was stationed at 636 the in 71 & 72. I have been diagnosed with lymphoma, colon cancer, arthritis, cope, neropathy and now Parkinson’s disease. Still trying to prove herbicides were at site 67 and chemicals at 59. Let me know what you have found out. Thanks Mike Klein.

    • Rick,
      I was there at the same time as you; April of ’78 to December of ’81. The Site Commander used to have us stick out heads into the blast vents on the bunkers to check for “explosives”. There were 15,500 rounds of leaking GB and VX nerve gas in the bunkers. I was riding on the truck that sprayed the fence line with weed killer. I asked the workers spraying what the stuff was and they said “Agent Orange”. The satellite photos still show the bare areas where the fence was sprayed 37 years later. Most of us have some physical and/or mental issues. I tried to hide from my problems and ended up half the world away in a plywood shack on a tropical coral atoll in 2006. It didn’t help.

  • Presumptive exposure status was granted? Where can one find more information in that

    Jan 1985-June 1985 OSUT Baisc and MP School

  • Yvonne – I agree with you 110% we need a lawyer. The question is as veterans do we have the right to form a class action suit and if so has it been tried before?

    I have had weird health issues since the age of 25. I have had many doctors actually tell me to my face that its all in my head…now that I know the cause the next one who makes that comment gets a plane ticket to Anniston and a dare to go camping military style at FMC.

    They still tell residents in Anniston to ensure they wash their hands with soap and water thoroughly prior to eating or touching their faces if they have been in contact with the soil.

    Don’t y’all remember how we always had soap and running water at all of our activities through basic and AIT?

    This is a disgrace, the government should be ashamed. The problem is no one knows about it and that’s the way they want it to stay.

    God Bless Our Troops!

    B-11 Military Police OSUT
    November 1985 to April 1986

  • just found out the stellar news. I have a tossed salad of issues. I was also treated for an auto-immune issue when I was stationed there in 1994 which delayed my deployment. I have major back issues including degenerative scoliosis and disc issues, joint pain (everywhere), major depression, arthritis, memory issues, and well, the list goes on. I will be reopening my claim as soon as the VA website starts working again.

  • I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Monsanto needs to be sued for this

  • I went to Basic Training at Ft McClellan Alabama August 7, 1980.
    I was 21 years old with no health problems.
    When I turned 42 I had to to have emergency surgery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
    A complete Hysterectomy. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2003.
    I had a cervical Fusion at Walter Reed and was diagnosed with Degenerative disc disease.
    My gall bladder was removed two years ago.

    We need a lawyer

  • Hi.i’am in a fight for my life.From brain tumors to lesions spreading in body.I’am almost totally disabled and doctors can’t find cause.

  • I never really had too many problems until I left the Army in 2000. I started to really get sick in April of 06. Real bad! Now I’m on more pills and meds than anyone I know.

  • Where do I need to file since I currently live outside the USA (in Serbia). I just found out about this by accident via youtube.

  • I was a Ft. McClellan trained MP in 1992. I am the only one in my family to have several diseases or disorders as well. While on Pelham Range in 1992, I broke out in blisters across my hands and had to be taken to the Ft. McClellan hospital. I still have those medical records. I also am the only one in my family to have ulcerative colitis since I was in the Army. I have a rash that appearred across my neck and head that mimick what happened to my hands it has never gone away since training with all kinds of medications. I know we slept at the range on an “FTX” for weapons qualifications during the hot summer months and I had a reaction to something having to go to the hospital. I was never told anything about toxic exposure or anything but I sure can say something happened.

    • Please contact me about your blisters on the FTX. I was a DS in A795 from 92-94 and had soldiers exposed to the same thing from Pelham range. Noble Army Hospital told them it was poison ivy. I say BS> it was blister agent. They were the size of half dollars.

  • I did basic training at Fort McClellan, Al. in 1979
    I have:
    coronary artery disease
    degenerative disc disease
    and have had 12cm of my colon removed
    looking for more info…government website not working (of course)

    • Interesting, I was there in 1970 and also have coronary heart disease and degenerative spine

      • Also I remember while there they took a few of us for a study whereby they drew blood from us over a period of time and I got some nutritional breakdown in results. Have to now really question if was just a guinea pig and they were testing for something else. Of course at the time, being in service, you don’t question things and just do as they say.

      • I was there 4/86 for BT and AIT. I have degenerative disc and bone degenerative bone disease. Was diagnosed in 01 with both. If this was caused with our time at Ft McClellan, what do we need to do.

        • Hi Drake,
          I’m replying for Sal who is off doing campaign things. Currently, we’re in limbo with no way to get HR 2622, the Fort McClellan Health Registry Act passed in the house and no Senate bill. Even if it is passed, the research hasn’t been done that proves that our disorders were caused by exposure to industrial chemicals, chemical warfare, radiation, and/or herbicides. In fact, the forms for compensation haven’t been written for chemical exposure. And some of what we are dealing with is an accelerated aging process. We are getting old people diseases like degenerative bone disease at a much younger age, decades before our peers. As I said, we are in a holding pattern, waiting for a new administration or a miracle. What we have accomplished is that half-hearted attempt by the VA to acknowledge that there was the “possibility of contamination” with the webpage at the VA healthcare site. If you have outside doctors who can write a nexus letter stating that it is more likely than not or at least as likely as not that exposure to one of the contaminants there caused the degenerative disc and bone degeneration, then you should file for compensation online or with a VSO and include that letter. If you can, contact your representative in congress and ask him/her to cosign HR 2622. It is a long shot though. If you have medical care currently, great. If you do not and you’re low income, have an honorable discharge, and served for a specific period of time, you may qualify for the VA health care system. VA healthcare enrollment will give you information on how to qualify. Also, there is an organization helping vets and the military for free with online yoga. If you’re interested, the website to register is Bootstrap USA. I hope this helps.

  • Wow. I have had all the standard blood work, etc. Pain radiates down right arm. Massive sweating. Rapid heart. Shortness of breath. Went from extremely active to now being exhausted all of the time. This may explain why nothing shows on routine tests. Stay the course. Way to young to feel so old.

    • Interesting point. We were told “the mosquitoes are huge and have red eyes.” They knew.

  • Hello,
    I have to tell you my jaw dropped to the floor when I watched the news show you did on FT McClellan. I was stationed there from 1984-1985, in the M.P. basic training and A.I.T., and just listening to what you gentleman on the show had to say, and the symptoms you’ve been going through, and it was like listening to myself. I have been plagued with these same illness symptoms for nearly 20 + years, and as a matter of fact, I’m currently going through these symptoms at this time, and not able to work at this time because of this, and no Dr, I’ve seen, can seem to find out what is wrong with me, but after seeing this show it makes some sense. I was there during a time when they had an mustard gas leak, an Army personnel said at the time, and we had to stay in our dorm for a good part of that day it was during my first couple of days there. If you can direct me towards more information on this I would be most thankful. I’m not able to stay online for long periods, because I have vision problems, and not able to focus to well to writing on the computer or in print, and so I have limited amounts of time I can research this for myself, but I’m willing to share more when I can. Thanks

    • hi brian I have neuropathy in both feet with a purple blotches under my big toes and small ones on my little toes. I use to have beautifull penmanship but now I cannot keep a steady hand to write a letter or fill out a job application my feet hurt so much I sit or lye down most of the time . but I found out that coffee , turmeric curcume are anti toxins but taken them gave me no relief . what makes me angry they knew this and still allowed many cycles of vets to go there. the epa shut down the fort. MONSANTO NOW CALLED SOLUTIA SETTELED 750 MILLION DOLLARS OF THE TOWN OF ANISTON . DR.SAID THERE IS NO CURE FOR WHAT I HAVE . I THINK SOLUTIA SHOULD BE BROUGHT IN FOR LITIGATION FOR A SETTLEMENT TO VETS WHO WERE EXPOSED.

    • When were you there I was there Aug 84 – Nov 84 we were airlifted from our Bivouac site instead of marching back to barracks. The explanation was they wanted to giveus out of the area. the chopper pilots some training. Things that I have learned about the military and government it could be an excuse to get

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